The Planning Process

Six Questions You Should Ask Yourself 

Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Who doesn’t love the thought of a new kitchen? Remodeling your kitchen can be quite an undertaking, but it will also be one of the most exciting renovations to your home. Before taking on this project, ask yourself a few questions to help you organize your thoughts and prioritize your design ideas. 


What is the ultimate goal that you...

June 27, 2019

Celebrating 40 Years of Long Beach Island Custom Homebuilding 

For generations, the unique nostalgic magnetism of LBI has lured people onto its sandy shores. Many just visit for the summer, whereas others come to realize that they can’t bear to part ways with coastal living and wind up staying forever. It’s not just about the lulling sound of crashing waves, the sensation of sand between ones toes, or the amazing smell of salty...

Planning and building a beach home may essentially follow the same fundamental process of primary home designing, but there’s something special about knowing you have the chance to create your own great escape. Summer homes give us the opportunity to be creative and expressive, more so than we get to be in our day-to-day functional, efficient surroundings. Since getting away at the beach is an immersive experience, this is why...

Colorful, bold and impactful—container plantings are the exclamation point in the landscape design, providing continual interest as the garden transitions through the season. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies to delight the homeowner, provide culinary herbs to spice up an outdoor dinner and add flare to brighten up a shady retreat. They help draw the eye to beautiful bay and ocean vistas, distract attention from unsigh...

In 2013, Thom Sweeney, the brilliant creative genius all of the interior design of the Bonnet Island Estate, Mallard Island Yacht Club, the Ashford Estate, and most recently, the iconic Hotel LBI, received a voicemail message from a woman who had seen his work while shopping around for venues for her daughter's upcoming wedding. Like-minded in taste and enthused by his style, she had casually inquired if he would be interested...

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