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Trending Flower Crowns


A flower crown makes a unique statement for occasions and events—girls and women adorned in flora appear carefree, natural, and festive.

Concerts & Festivals: With flowers in your hair, you might just be serenaded by strangers. And on the practical front, friends can find you more easily in the crowd.

Weddings: Of course, brides enchant celebrants with flower-entwined hair or flower crowns (attached veil, anyone?); the unique look can bring simple beauty into every moment. A lovely touch—both romantic and innocent—can also be felt in crowns worn by those always-adorable flower girls. Or you can choose to bedeck a whole bridal party: give the guys simple ivy crowns and go flora-licious with your ladies!

Nights Out, Birthdays, & More: Celebrate all the gorgeousness of gal pals by wearing your flower crown (and maybe bringing another one or two to share)! Help someone beloved feel extra-blessed by hand-delivering a crown on their special day or at a party, shower, or photo opp.

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