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Fortified White Sangria

Serves 5 + a few refills

Made with white wine but “pinked” by one of the mixers, this delicious beverage provides the perfect after-beach refresher. Use a glass pitcher to show off the color and floating fruit.


1 bottle white wine

8 oz. peach schnapps or liqueur

8 oz. vodka

½ cup pear nectar

½ cup pineapple juice

1 can San Pellegrino blood orange soda

Fruits for floating in the pitcher (and

garnish, if you like): Asian or other pear, skin removed and sliced; pineapple chunks; star fruit slices; halved green grapes, etc.


Mix together in a large pitcher all ingredients except the San Pellegrino blood orange soda and refrigerate. Add the soda and stir just before serving. Offer in large wine glasses, over ice, ensuring that each receives a few slices of the alcohol-infused fruit.

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