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Love has Commanded me to Write

Photo by ann coen

In this age of texting, tagging, and hash-tagging the heck out of everything, when it comes to proposals and vows, we think it is best to put pen to paper. Don’t get us wrong, we applaud the merits of social media, but when declaring one’s heart to another, it should be personal. And what could be more personal than a handwritten note?

Not only does this have us reeling with thoughts of romance, but it is a tangible way to signify the importance of the day: a piece of paper to have and to hold from this day forward. The content is entirely up to you. “On this day I love you because of… in spite of... I do, I promise…” It can be sappy, funny, or laden with coffee stains—you can’t go wrong as long as it’s from the heart. Remember to store these in a safe place, as they will serve many purposes in the years to come.

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