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Clothing Optional...Err……let us clarify!

Event Coordination, Design and Favors - Three Crowns, LBI

Flowers - Reynolds Garden Shop, Manahawkin

Photographer - Ryan Johnson - Ann coen photography

Venue - CB Keane scallop boat in Barnegat Light

Dresses - Reynolds, Wink, 506 Boutique, Tula, How to Live

Gone are the days of traditions that require all bridesmaids to wear the same exact dress. For most, the bridal party is made up of friends and family with unique personalities (some a little too unique!) and bodies in all shapes and sizes.

One way to embrace and honor this reality is to give your bridal party options. When selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses, choose several styles. We recommend picking five to ten dresses to assure everyone can find a style they like—short, long, sleeveless, backless, whatever. This will also make the decision-making process less complicated for your favored ladies.

Aside from varied dress styles, considerations should also include: color palette, ceremony theme, venue location, and time allocation for backorders and alterations. Whatever your style, traditional or non-traditional, this will be an investment your bridesmaids will happily make if they feel and look great too. Happy shopping!

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