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Fall into Winter Garden

Photo by patti kelly

There is something about fall…Maybe it’s just that old back-to-school feeling, but to me fall signifies a fresh start. It is time to clear out all of the spent annuals and get ready to plant. Mums, cabbage, kale, asters, and pansies are just a few favorites. So many of the perennials are at their prime, and are highlighted by the fresh plants that surround them.

Fall is also the time to plant your spring-blooming bulbs. Crocus, iris, hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, and allium will be ready for their spring show. Meanwhile, harvest season makes every home feel warm and cozy. Swap your planters for some pumpkins and gourds, stand up a cornstalk, and you’re all set.

Winter gardens can be beautiful if your landscape is planned ahead. Leave room in your garden for winterberry, nandina, hollies, and red twig dogwood and let nature take its course. There is nothing like seeing a camellia or hellebores bloom in the winter to brighten a cold day. You’ll even make the birds happy.

Make sure to leave some soil in your planters at the end of the fall season. For the perfect container arrangement, leave the fall cabbage and winter pansies, and add greens from your garden. Choose cedar, juniper, pine, and boxwood for longevity. Add a few branches for height and you will have a welcoming container to last over the long winter months.

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