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Signs of Love

A wedding trend that has evolved over the last few years and is here to stay is the use of wedding signs. These signs can be used to welcome guests, display a wedding program or dinner menu, direct guests to and from ceremony and reception sites, introduce a specialty cocktail, or can even include a favorite quote of the couple.

The popular phrase, “Shoes Here, Vows There, Love Everywhere,” is perfect for couples planning a beach ceremony. “Trust Me You Can Dance – Vodka” is a fun and witty sign to display near the bar area or during cocktail hour. Instagram hashtag signs are a favorite among couples encouraging guests to share photographs of their wedding day on social media.

Wooden signage and chalkboard signs work beautifully for a rustic wedding, while signage on glass and mirrors compliments a vintage-inspired or formal wedding. Although these mediums are the most popular for displaying signage, there is no limitation to the materials that can be used to create memorable signs for a wedding day. Regardless of the wording or style, a simple sign is sure to add to the décor, ambiance, and personal touches of a wedding.

In addition to wedding rentals, Rustic Drift provides custom wedding signage for couples tying the knot in the LBI region. Like their rentals, these signs are often constructed of reclaimed materials and hand-lettered by husband and wife duo, Joel and Megan Dramis. Contact for more details.

Photo by Dulce Photography

Photo by alex rivera

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photo by Jessica Cooper


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