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Inside Out

This Loveladies residence was originally built in the mid-1990s by renowned local architect, Michael Ryan, for the CEO of Comcast. It truly epitomizes the beauty of indoor/outdoor living on Long Beach Island.

Situated on a private lane, this single story home is surprisingly expansive and is hidden amidst stunningly landscaped grounds studded with old growth. Every room boasts strategically placed large windows that maximize their view of the lush surroundings, including pool and deep water lagoon anchorage—all while maintaining the utmost of privacy.

The home was purchased by a Manhattan-based real estate developer in early 2014. He and his young family fell in love with this hidden treasure and sought to enhance the oasis-like quality of the home while maintaining the mid-century qualities the architect had embedded into the structure.

While having his cadre of workmen and craftsmen, the new owners sought to execute their vision, turned to Beach Haven- and Brooklyn-based interior designers, Mark W. Eggleston and David Allieri of Wyndecrest Home, to execute their vision.

While the footprint was maintained, the interior was visually expanded by enlarging openings and the use of a unifying light grey neutral wall color and slightly deeper floor stain throughout. The key design elements of light, foliage, and sky play off pool reflections that pull the outside in. These elements are informed and enhanced by the careful editing of white and navy hues employed throughout the home’s interior and exterior furnishings. The outside is further brought in through reclaimed barn wood in the beams of the master bedroom ceiling, living room fireplace, and cocktail

table. Whether inside or out, the natural graciousness of beach living is felt in this well lived, well-loved home.

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