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Lets get to the Core

photos by ann coen

Devon Karvan, owner of Black Sheep Studios, takes classic moves to the next level by incorporating full engagement

of the core muscles. Check it out!

Spiderman Plank Crunch

-Stand with your feet hip distance apart.

-Hinge forward at the waist and touch the floor with your palms.

-Next, walk your hands forward into a plank position making sure that your core is engaged and spine is long. DO NOT let your lower back or hips sink in.

-Draw your right knee to the outside of your right shoulder. Repeat for your left side and return to a plank position when finished.

-Do 10 reps two to three times.

Plank to pike

-Start in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and your shins on the barrel or ball.

-Do not let your lower back arch, and keep your feet, pelvis, and shoulders in one long line.

-On an exhale, pull your abs deeply to your spine and use your abs to fold your body in half, pulling the ball or barrel forward, towards your hands, as your pelvis moves up in the air.

-Your toes will move on top of the ball or barrel and your back will become perpendicular to the floor, like a handstand. Allow your head to fall between your arms, keeping your neck long and in line with your spine.

-Lower yourself back into a plank position and do not let your pelvis slide below your shoulders.

-Do 10 reps two to three times.

Plié Squat to Forward Lunge

-Stand with your feet wider than hips-length with your toes apart and turned out diagonally at least 45 degrees.

-Align your shoulders directly over your hips and place your hands on your hips, or use one hand to hold a barre or chair for balance.

-Sink your hips, bending your knees no more than 90 degrees, aiming towards your big toes.

-Pause at the bottom of the move, keeping your torso elongated as the top of your head is being pulled upward.

-Press into your heels as you return to a standing position. Next, pivot your entire body 90 degrees to prep for the lunge (making sure feet are parallel before starting the lunge).

-With chest up, shoulders down, and core engaged, lower your back knee to the ground, making sure your front knee is over the top of your foot and your back knee is in line with your hip.

-Engage glutes and rise up tall to a standing position. Rotate to center to return to plié squat position. Repeat entire movement on the opposite side.

-Do 10 reps two to three times.

Deltoid raises with resistance band

-Stand on the middle of a resistance band with your feet slightly separated and knees slightly bent.

-Grasp each end of the resistance band in your hands approximately 6” from the ends.

-Leading with your elbows, pull the band upward until your hands are shoulder height.

-DO NOT change the position of your spine throughout the exercise.

-Extend your arms back to the starting position to

complete one rep.

-Do 10 reps two to three times.

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