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Unconventional Coastal Interiors

When it comes to coastal interiors, there are several mainstays of design that have continued to be relevant for many years. Weathered woods, durable fabrics, and natural materials remain at the heart of coastal style. Color palettes often pull from sand, shells, sea, and sky with a myriad of cool blues and greens. Drawing from the simplicity of the ocean, white is often the key to a beach palette. But Bobby Huber, Jr. of Oskar Huber Furniture & Design believes there may be more exciting design elements to explore.

“Coastal interiors are about evoking a feeling of carefree relaxation, comfort, and, most importantly, having fun. So why not have fun while decorating your seaside home?” says Bobby. He encourages clients to venture outside the traditional coastal color palettes. “Blue, green, and beige make for beautiful coastal space—no doubt about that,” says Bobby, “But those colors aren’t for everyone. And that’s perfectly fine!” Bobby and his design team have the expertise to create coastal looks that are different than what you expect. They’ve put together some unconventional coastal color palettes to inspire your inner interior designer.

Fun and Funky

Linear designs in complimentary colors are the theme of this inspirational palette. With white as its neutral, stylish pops of orange and navy blue give this color palette an updated and refined appeal.

Bright and Bold

Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume on your color selection. This vibrant color palette offers an exciting take on sea foam greens, red, and orange corals with energetic patterns and textures. Fun and fantastic, this mix of fabrics offers a lively twist on coastal classics.

Calm and Collected

Sleek gray and white come together to create a look that is both easy and tranquil. This monochromatic color scheme with sharp touches of silver and a collected mix of textures and shapes exudes serene sophistication.

By the Bay

With varied tones of beige, gray, and blue, this palette may speak to those looking for a subtle take on traditional coastal design. Casual fabrics and patterns offer a hint of ocean waves and coastal wildlife—ideal for a home on the bay.

High Contrast

Black and white work in impeccable harmony. The stark contrast offers a contemporary take on coastal. With pops of bold patterns and hints of gold and silver, this palette is perfect for a stylish seaside sitting room.

Bobby inspires clients to think outside the box when decorating their coastal home, “Our clients often come to us asking for something different, items that are unique, and furniture that tells a story,” explains Bobby. “With our endless resources and custom order options, we can create the perfect look that our clients completely fall in love with.” Oskar Huber Furniture & Design has a full staff of experienced interior designers that will help clients design everything from a piece of furniture to an entire home interior.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional coastal look, or want to explore unexpected colors for your home, the Oskar Huber design team is available to help you find the look you love. On Long Beach Island, Oskar Huber Furniture & Design is your source for fabulous furniture, thoughtful room design, and complete customization.

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