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Shore Bathroom Styles

Let’s face it: you have a beach house and everyone loves to visit. It’s a place to gather with friends and family to enjoy the sun, surf, and togetherness. With that being the case, bathrooms are often on the small side. To accommodate as many guests as possible, space usually goes to more bedrooms and living space as well as the kitchen.

Even in new construction, the master bath is the largest with the guest bathrooms staying minimal. So what can you do to help your guests enjoy a

larger feel in the bathroom and provide that

beachy vibe?

Let’s start with the shower. Open up your space by getting rid of the old fashioned shower curtain and fiberglass shower insert. Use a frameless clear glass shower door or add a fun twist with a barn-style sliding shower door. The bathroom will feel longer or wider with no major construction required.

Inside the shower, tile is the way to go. We are seeing more muted tones, including grays, as well as stone textures. Tile the walls fully and even tile the ceiling. The pebble shower floor is still a great detail that massages tired feet while you shower. A shower seat is definitely a must; it’s a place to rest, place spa-style products for guests, and necessary so ladies can get a good leg-up to shave for bathing suit readiness. Just a corner pie-shape seat will do the trick—no need to take up lots of room. Add a rain shower head for even more of the outdoor feel and throw in the regular shower head or a hand-held as well.

To tub or not to tub: that is another question. One tub in the house is still needed for the kids and grandkids, and for a leisurely soak every once in a while, but the big jetted tub is not popular any longer. These are being removed to make room for large walk-in showers. If space is not an issue, deep soaking tubs with a striking profile add a high design feature.

Tile on the floor is really the only option for a bathroom, but the selections are endless. Tile that looks like wood with grain texture makes a great choice. How about a gray shade that looks like driftwood alongside a crisp white vanity? You can’t go wrong with the classic white tile floor, either, choosing a high gloss or matte finish to change up the texture. Pair white floors with a wood vanity that resembles teak or weathered wood.

Chrome and brushed nickel are still strong favorites for fixtures, giving the bathroom a little sparkle and brightness. Pops of black, oil rubbed bronze, and rose gold can offer great contrast every once in a while.

Altogether, your guests can enjoy a custom feel even in a small space. You’re sure to get compliments with bathroom updates!

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