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Gin & Tonic with Fresh Mint, Lime, & Bitters

We tweaked the conventional summer combination by featuring premium tonic water and fresh mint, as well as optional bitters. We hereby give you a chance to practice your “muddling.”


4 oz. of your favorite gin

12 oz. premium tonic water, such as Q brand

8 leaves fresh mint

4 ½-inch chunks fresh lime

2 lime wedges

Dash Angostura orange bitters, optional


Muddle three leaves of mint and two chunks of lime in the bottom of each glass. Throw in a dash of bitters, if desired. Pour half the gin into each glass and mix. Add a handful of fresh ice cubes, stir, and top with half the tonic water. Stir again and serve, with a lime wedge on the rim and a mint leaf floating on top for garnish.

How to Muddle

Bartenders use a “muddler”—a tool shaped like a large pestleto gently mash fruits, herbs, and other flavorings in the bottom of a cocktail glass. The goal of muddling is to release flavor or essence.

Use whatever tool you have handy to muddle, such as a hefty spoon or the handle end of another kitchen implement. Press down lightly on the leaves and fruit, and twist gently, while pushing. Once you can smell the fragrant oils and see juices, you’ve muddled!

Undiluted Tip

Want to keep that intense G & T flavor going longer? Pour tonic into ice cube trays ahead of time, and use frozen tonic cubes in your drinks.

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