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In real estate the three most important words may very well be, “location, location, location, ” but when it comes to transforming an outdoor living space, think, “layout, layout, layout.” While the inside of one’s home is limited to the confinement of structural walls, the outside allows significantly more spatial flexibility. Considering a floor plan other than what has always been out on the deck or patio may be difficult to envision, and this is precisely why enlisting the help of a professional designer will maximize space in ways unimaginable. The design experts at Oskar Huber meld a 90 year tradition with modern style and state-of-the-art room planning software to bring homeowners a unique visualization of how their space can be instantly transformed.

Talk to a design professional at Oskar Huber about your lifestyle. Are you planning on entertaining frequently, or is this more of a retreat for you and your family to unwind? Will you be incorporating an all-weather television (to watch the game outside) with a weather-tight enclosure in your plans? And how about your audio needs – will Bluetooth be sufficient, or do you need to run wire during the construction phase? Considering adding an outdoor fire pit? It will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings, but also add excitement to your space. Fueled by propane or natural gas, they are extremely easy to operate (just flip the switch) and you will find everyone gathering around the fire just as they do to water—people are drawn to it. We recommend “glass guards,” which are essentially unseen but provide a valuable benefit by minimizing the effects of the wind.

In your dining space, will you need an umbrella for your table (most tables come with pre-drilled holes), or do you envision a retractable sun screen or awning? The Oskar Huber showroom has traditional umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas designed to shade larger spaces, or half moon style umbrellas that mount onto one’s home. Oskar Huber has partnered with Giglio Awning to create a display of retractable awnings, screens, and shading options in our showroom, and all of the umbrellas and automated shading solutions are available in special order fabrics that will coordinate with the rest of your project.

This Oskar Huber collection is constructed with aluminum frames that are strong, yet light, and won’t rust. Woven resin weaving and performance fabrics such as Sunbrella with reticulated foam result in easy and quick drying. Clientele can choose between many custom fabric, finish, and style options.

Performance fabrics maintain colorfastness (higher UV properties) while also providing weather resistance and durability in an outdoor living space. These outdoor fabrics, from brands including Outdura and Sunbrella, have advanced technological capabilities that result in softer fabrics that still meet the performance wear expectations (as well as cleanability). Although these performance fabrics cost more than inexpensive imitations, they will allow you to enjoy your purchase for a much longer duration. Some cushions with reticulated foam can even be left outside in the rain without any problems and are ready to use again after a short drying period.

Similar construction to above

Planning ahead enables homeowners to order the set of their dreams and have it custom made (fabric and finish) to their specifications, although it does usually takes 6-8 weeks before it is available for delivery. Alternatively, customers may request a quick or simple makeover. Oskar Huber Furniture has professionals to assist with either scenario—if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can select from our extensive inventory for immediate delivery, or, a designer can help you create the perfect combination of style, fabric, and finish for your customized needs.

Spending more time outdoors is a growing trend in the United States and planning the space where you are able to unwind is an investment in time and money that will reward you for years to come. The experts at Oskar Huber can help you create the perfect layout and selection of outdoor furnishings with your style and quality preference, as well as timeline and budget, in mind. Oskar Huber is conveniently located on the circle in Ship Bottom and has a nice selection of outdoor furnishings in their showroom.

The most durable outdoor furniture you can buy. These are made from recycled plastic and are maintenance free, color pigment through the polymer, color matched hardware with and a lifetime warranty. Available in many styles, colors, and sizes.

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