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Founded in Family: Meet the Andersons

While growing up on Long Beach Island, Gil and Marie Anderson likely never imagined that they would leave such an important imprint on their community. Gil provided for his family by clamming the bay and working as a house painter. Having the foresight to find ways to serve a developing resort area with changing demands, Gil established a real estate and insurance business in 1967 that remains deeply committed to people who visit and live on LBI.

The original location was at 117th Street and Long Beach Boulevard. In 1978, they moved to their (then) newly constructed and current office in Haven Beach. G. Anderson Agency opened a second location in Manahawkin in 1973. Today, G. Anderson Agency handles real estate sales and rentals and Anderson Insurance Agency handles insurance for LBI and the surrounding areas. All four of Gil’s children, along with his son-in-law and one granddaughter, are involved in the operations of companies that bear the Anderson name.

Long Beach Island in the 1960s was a different place, and the Anderson children had begun careers in various directions. But their love for home and family always remained strong. Andy Anderson, Gil’s son, was an electrician working for a local electrical contractor before joining his father’s business in 1972. Terry Anderson, having married Dan Taylor, moved to San Diego while he was stationed with the U.S. Navy. After completing his enlistment, the couple received a phone call from Gil asking Dan to return to New Jersey and assist with the family business. So in 1974, they sold their California property and were home in a matter of weeks. Dan began the licensing process in real estate and insurance. In 1983, Terry assisted with office work while staff members were on vacation. In 1993, Carter Anderson returned from Texas and, in 1996, Lori Anderson returned from Hawaii, both joining the company. The family continues to provide the best solutions for those looking for local expertise in insurance and real estate sales and rentals. Terry Taylor is President of G. Anderson Agency and Andrew Anderson is President of Anderson Insurance Agency. Dan is a principal in both businesses. Carter works in the insurance department, while Lori is active in real estate with G. Anderson Agency on LBI.

During the course of their lives, the siblings ventured to other places, living as far away as Hawaii and Texas, but family drew them back. With their father retiring two years ago, they all share the philosophy of mutual respect for family and staff, and place an emphasis on customer service that is reflected in all aspects of the daily routine. They are proud of the relationship they have with their employees, and appreciate having good people around them. Some careers within the Anderson organization are approaching 35 years of employment. The biggest mark of success is that this family run business has had the opportunity to watch their clients’ families grow, with some returning for two generations.

It all started with hard work and a bond with a place you are proud of. As their 50th summer approaches, the Anderson and Taylor family invite everyone to look forward to the milestones and share in the LBI memories that all families treasure.

Article by Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce – Founded in Family Program, with interview by John Dunlap, Winter Intern - Syracuse University Class of 2019

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