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Step by Step instructions to making a European style hand-tied bouquet

Flower arrangements by Reynolds Floral Market | Photos by Ann Coen

1# Remove all leaves and foliage off of flowers. Separate each type of bloom or green into individual piles so that you can see the different colors, sizes, and textures of each.

2# Select a focal blossom for the center of the bouquet, something that is fairly significant in size. Add a few stems of foliage around this flower.

3# Choose another type of flower and insert it into the bunch on an angle. The stem should point toward your body while the flower head will be angled away from you. Continue adding in flowers turning the bunch a quarter turn after each new flower is added.

4# Checking the view of the bouquet from the top, continue to add flowers a little lower around the sides to create the desired dome shape. Since the stems were all inserted on an angle, it is easy to take the stems out and move them around for the ideal shape and design. Add additional greens around the base of the bouquet.

5# Your bouquet is complete, secure the bouquet with bind wire or waterproof florist tape, wrapping it a few times around the top of the binding point (just above your hand). Trim stems straight across to an equal length. Wrap stems with desired ribbon or adornment.

6# A perfectly done bouquet, that is securely tied, should be able to stand upright alone, without any support. You now have a beautiful bridal bouquet, a well arranged bunch to place directly in a vase, or a lovely gift for a friend.

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