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Wedding Bliss II

Photographer | Ann Coen photography

Venue |101 centre street

Rentals |Rustic Drift Rentals

Flowers |Michelle Tallent

How they Met

We met through mutual friends a few times back in 2012 very briefly. However, we really became close when both of us, and our friends, were stranded at Austin’s best friend’s (the best man in our wedding) parent’s house for a week during Super Storm Sandy.

How he Proposed

The proposal was a fairytale and a well thought out plan by Austin. He had arranged for all of Ashley’s family and friends, ones that had a major impact in their life and relationship to date, to write her letters. Each letter was written in its own unique way and discussed her relationship with that person. They were wonderful letters that would bring tears to her eyes.

Now how was Austin going to get these letters to Ashley? He decided on a scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt led Ashley all over Southern New Jersey, to places that had importance and meaning to her and Austin. She began on LBI, traveled down the island, then on to Mays Landing, Somers Point, Northfield, Atlantic City, and lastly Margate. There were 15 stops in total!

How did Ashley know where to go? Austin had thought of that too! He had typed up clues for each location, then Ashley had to figure out each clue before she could travel to the next. This entire scavenger hunt took her five hours to complete! (Ashley was alone during all of this, but Austin was nice enough to send her romantic and meaningful music to listen to on her journey.)

After five hours of travel Ashley knew she had reached her last stop; this was where she was promised to find her best friend. The last clue read: “One final walk, down a familiar block. I will not be bathing, but patiently waiting. For the end of your journey is near, and the reason for this hunt would be come clear.”

Ashley could not wait! As she reached the beach she came upon a chair with a photo of her and Austin and her very last letter, a letter from Austin. As Ashley stood reading his letter, she was completely unaware that Austin had walked up behind her. As she finished the letter she began to look for Austin, only to turn around and have her breath taken away...

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