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Adding the Jewelry

Decorating a beach house (or any home) is very personal. Choices must be made for everything from the color on the walls, to the style and color of flooring, to the myriad options for furnishings, and finally the “jewelry” of it all—accessories like lamps and artwork. Designers often meet with clients in a retail store or in their homes to understand what they are looking for and then create the perfect design.


The trend we are seeing in 2017 is a shift from bold colors to softer organic colors. Inspired by nature, we are seeing many homeowners selecting paints, fabrics, and finishes that are symbolic of the sand, sky, and ocean. Light blue, soft beige, dune grass green, and crisp white are popular today, especially when used in tandem with contrasting darker wood finishes. Navy blue is still a traditional go-to and very popular. If you want a bold statement, rich navy blue paired with pops of white, red, or yellow provides an especially nautical vibe. But everyone is different and shops offer something for everyone—vibrant and tropical, calm and neutral, or nautical blue and white.

Interior Layouts

Togetherness is back in style, so today another must-have feature is an open floor plan where the kitchen, dining, and living rooms all converge. Additionally, people lead such busy lives that they want a serene setting at the end of the day to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Designers create these open concepts with seating areas that are conducive to conversation instead of isolation.

One of the fastest growing trends in current home décor is artisan-crafted repurposed furniture and art. Some artisans craft from driftwood while others use salvaged wood from old barns, silos, picket fences, and more. Be on the lookout as this trend grows, and you can add pieces of truly one-of-a-kind decor to your home.


Outdoor living today is a natural extension of your indoor space; a designer can help you create a welcoming and comfortable oasis poolside, in your backyard, or on your deck. Designers find out how their clients plan to use their outdoor zones, be it for lounging with a cocktail poolside or hosting large dinner parties on their decks or patios. Outdoor furniture today comes in many different materials, from cast aluminum to recycled milk cartons to teak, faux rattan, and more. Fire pits have become very popular and are great for cool fall and summer nights.

At Oskar Huber we are big believers in specifying quality and not selling disposable furniture. It looks better and is more luxurious plus it outlasts inferior quality, which saves you money over time. Plus it’s also better for the environment.


Performance fabrics (like Sunbrella™) are engineered to withstand the harmful rays of the sun and can be used inside or out. While a performance fabric often costs more compared to conventional fabrics, it ensures that your furniture will look better longer. It cleans easily, resists fading, is more durable, and looks great. Performance fabrics are the practical solution for situations where there is an abundance of windows and you want to prevent fading.


Synthetic resin made to look like faux wicker or rattan is another material common in outdoor furniture. With this material, it is most important to look at the aluminum frame which supports it, and ensure it is strong enough to support repeated use. Sturdy aluminum frames are lightweight and durable and will prolong the life of the furniture. It is also important that all hardware and fittings are made from top quality brass or stainless steel.

Teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture hands down. It’s often touted for its all-weather capabilities, strength, and beautiful grained finish. Teak does require some upkeep if you want it to remain looking like it did when new; however, some love the beautiful grey patina it develops over time

Every year thousands of milk jugs and water bottles are rescued from America’s waste stream and recycled into sturdy poly furniture. Made in Pennsylvania in many color options, poly is used to create beautiful and comfortable Adirondack chairs as well as sofas, lounge chairs, and dining sets. The color is dyed all the way through so you will never see a different color if it gets damaged. This furniture is strong and heavy so it is great for a third story deck and strong winds.

All About the USA

There are many value-driven imported furniture collections that can be sourced from the higher end import suppliers from around the world. But one thing that makes some retailers (like Oskar Huber) different than other stores and other smaller companies is a focus on American made products. In general they are better quality than most imports and can be ordered exactly the way you want them. From Amish made bedrooms, dining rooms, and everything in between, you can select your wood, finish, and style. When it comes to sofas or sectionals, swivel chairs or beds, you can choose your fabric, and finishes with many quality options. Other benefits include lower carbon emissions, as the products are made from sustainable hardwoods. Plus the supply chain is shorter (versus imports) which is much better for the environment. Another big plus is you now have something that is not “cookie cutter” but made to your specifications.


At the beach there are always guests to plan for. It is essential to maximize the sleeping capacity of your home and a great way to get dual use is to buy a sleeper sofa. They are available in all sizes and in your choice of fabric or even leather. When special ordering, stores offer different mattress options for you to choose from (air, memory foam, and gel memory foam).

Another very popular item for beach homes are bunk beds. Many people, especially if they are renting the house, will take one of the bedrooms and put in two bunk beds so you can sleep four or more depending on the option you select. (At Oskar Huber we know the season is short so we have stock for immediate delivery!)

Before or after shopping, do your research. What is important to you? Check the web for postings from prior customers about service after the sale, or how quickly a store handled complaints. When it comes to delivery, many shore homes are reverse living so consider how the larger pieces will get to the second or third floor. Find out what people are saying about the sales experience, the products the store carries, and their delivery services. In the end you will be happy you took the time.

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