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Feast before the Fest Two dopes do lbi: Chowder on LBI

When the crowds start to dwindle and the pace on Long Beach Island begins to slow, anticipation builds for the world famous Chowderfest, which is held this year on October 1st. The competition is fierce and creativity flows throughout the island in preparation for this Jersey Shore tradition. These Two Dopes have spent the summer tasting all the fantastic chowders Long Beach Island has to offer. Yes, we know, we know, it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it! We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites, but don’t just take our word for it. Make sure you go to Chowderfest and sample all of the delicious chowders for yourself!


Howard’s Restaurant has been an institution on Long Beach Island since the 1950s and their New England clam chowder is not messing around! It looks like a classic bowl of chowder, but after your first slurp you’ll quickly realize its so much more. We love the Italian flair that’s infused in the broth; think alfredo sauce with clams, and celery. The soup has subtle hints of clam, which is more of accent than a prominent flavor.


The Maryland Style Crab Chowder at the Black Whale is deliciously unique yet familiar. The broth is similar to a Manhattan style, but as the name suggests the star of this soup is blue claw crab. The hearty cuts of potatoes, green beans, and corn with shredded crab meat is the base on this spicy delight. The hints of Old Bay seasoning really makes this chowder stand out.


Stefano’s is a swanky Italian restaurant that is home to two award winning chowders. The Manhattan clam chowder is featured at Chowderfest, so of course that is what we went to try! This chowder is a salty delight with generous amounts of clams, celery, and potatoes. This chowder is seasoned in a perfect way that enhances and showcases the clam flavor. An absolute must try!


Nestled down a little alley in Bay Village, Country Kettle serves up a delicious New England style chowda. With finely chopped clams, potatoes, and carrots, this soup is subtly spicy and loaded with flavor. Dope tip: the optional bread bowl is well worth it, and really brings this silky chowder to the next level of deliciousness; forgetabout licking your bowl, you’ll be devouring it!

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