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Living Limitless

written by Olivia Garrison

photos by Alison Omelio & Francis Lill

What does a technology savvy, digital marketing guru have in common with a meditating, present minded yoga instructor? Quite a bit, actually. Adam Binder is the Founder of Creative Click Media, a digital marketing agency located in Manahawkin, New Jersey, and Apeiron Yoga, a yoga apparel and accessories brand. Driven by his belief that no one should ever place limitations on what they can accomplish, Adam cut his own reigns to discover just how far he could push himself—and he has no plans of stopping.

A Different Kind of Board Meeting

From kayaks to yoga to a five-year-old Director of Distraction, Creative Click Media isn’t your typical marketing agency! Adam started Creative Click Media back in 2012 as a way to provide a better life for himself and his young son, Miles. He took on a few web design projects for friends, just getting his feet wet with the dream of quitting his demanding restaurant job. After a year of late nights and constant networking, Adam was able to turn Creative Click Media from a small side hustle to a full-time career.

“It was scary giving up a guaranteed paycheck, especially as a single father,” Adam recalls. “I knew this was a risk I would have to take to give my son the best life possible, and luckily it’s paid off in ways I could have never anticipated.” Today, the former one-man operation is now a full-fledged award-winning digital marketing agency whose offerings include website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, videography, animation, email marketing, and more.

Working from an office overlooking Manahawkin Lake, Creative Click Media staff frequently enjoy team building activities like yoga, ping pong, and kayaking. It’s common to find them having “board meetings” on the lake on stand up paddle boards. “Positive company culture is important to me,” Adam notes. “While I want Creative Click Media to be a great company to work with, I also want it to be a great place to work, period. And the view here is definitely better than in the basement I started out in!”

SUPs by Day, Yoga Mats by Night

If Adam isn’t in the office or out on the lake, he’s probably in the yoga studio. In addition to being a dad and business owner, Adam is also a certified yoga instructor and an artist. Adam began his yoga journey to improve his physical fitness and regain a centered state of mind, but soon discovered an untapped entrepreneurial journey. Combining his yogic background and a lifelong love of art, Apeiron Yoga was born.

“Apeiron” is Greek for “limitless,” and the tagline “Live Limitless” is meant to inspire others to release their self-doubt, inhibitions and personal barriers. Apeiron offers eco-friendly, slip-proof yoga mats, sturdy yoga wheels, and apparel printed locally by Jetty. Each mat has it’s own personality, with colorful designs inspired by places Adam has been and art and music he loves. Apeiron is more than just a yoga brand—it’s a movement with a vision to inspire people who are passionate about individuality, positivity, and spreading good vibes.

It’s All About Balance

With a number of entrepreneurial accomplishments under his belt, Adam’s most important role is being a father to his five-year-old son, Miles. “Being a single dad isn’t easy. Juggling my hours between the office, the studio, and Mile’s activities can get hectic. I try to keep everything in perspective and instill good values in my son.”

Adam also makes it a priority to give back to the local community that has been so supportive of his endeavors. He’s an active member of several local nonprofit boards, and gets the Creative Click Media team involved with local volunteer opportunities. “I grew up not having much, and always wanted to one day be able to give back,” says Adam. “I’m grateful to have a platform through Creative Click Media and Apeiron to pay it forward and see a change.”

As for the future of Creative Click Media and Apeiron? The potential is limitless. “Every year we’re able to do more, create more, and push our boundaries both professionally and artistically,” says Adam. “They say the sky’s the limit, but I don’t abide by that. There’s nothing limiting us from reaching our fullest potential, especially when this is only the beginning.”

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