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The Benefits of Pilates

Are you an avid golfer? Do you enjoy running marathons? Do you play a sport in college or are you looking to amp up your regular workout routine? Then look no further.

Meet Wendy Frantz, co-owner of Long Beach Island’s premiere fitness haven, Black Sheep Studios. At Black Sheep, they are taking traditional Pilates machines and using them for athletic conditioning to build strength and endurance. There are a range of benefits you can expect from adding these workouts to your existing regimen.

Develop flat abdominals and a strong back by focusing on strengthening your “core”—the center of your body. Condition and control your core by training the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine.

You’ll gain long, lean muscles and improved flexibility. Pilates training focuses on strengthening and elongating the muscles to help improve joint mobility and muscle elasticity. It’s different than conventional workouts that tend to build shorter, bulkier muscles. This balancing-of-the-body approach will make you less prone to injury.

Pilates training is low impact and gentle. Modifications to the exercises allow for a full range of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. You start with the workout that best suits your fitness level now, and increase the level of challenge and intensity as your body conditioning improves.

Black Sheep Studios offers a complete Pilates gym, including reformers with towers, stability chairs, full barrel apparatus, stability chairs, and a standalone Cadillac for advanced training. Come play with us at Black Sheep and add a new dimension to your workout!

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