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Spring has Sprung

The season of rejuvenation! The first sunny warm days of spring bring us all outside and into the garden. Planting annuals in beds or pots marks the beginning of the best time of year if you are a gardener. As excited as we are, spring can be tricky so be careful to pick the right plants. Choose plants that like the cool weather. Typically, garden centers sell the appropriate annuals for the season and the ones to come. Planting too soon can often cause plant to suffer or not make it at all. Remember to help your plants get settled, give them a fresh coating of mulch, some fertilize and most importantly keep them watered.

If you were lucky enough to plant your bulbs in the fall, you will have bursts of color emerging already. If you didn’t, purchase some daffodils or other bulbs in bloom now and you will have a head start for next spring. No one can resist the smiling face of a pansy. Did you know pansies are the most sold flower in the world? And for good reason, there are so many colors to choose from. They love the cold nights and often overwinter. Violas, stock and primrose are some of the flowers that are tried and true performers. Nothing is as sweet as the fragrance of stock. Add some snapdragon for height in the garden. They are great to cut and bring in for spring bouquets. The plant that is considered a little miracle performer is without a doubt the Ranunculus. It has layers and Layers of color with delicate looking foliage but withstands the cold nights. They come in lots of colors and are great in pots, window boxes and the garden.

Everyone wants lots of color but doesn’t always have time to plant. Spring perennials are the surest sign that warmer weather is coming. Plant them among your summer perennials to create a lovely continuous show of color. Everyone loves the bright purple mountain pinks that spread like crazy. Columbine, poppies, bleeding hearts and dianthus are all great perennials. My favorites are peonies, iris and Hosta. Don’t forget to plant some vines. Clematis is an early bloomer that comes in many varieties. Take a stroll through your garden center and see what perennials Are starting to come up. Lettuce and kale are great cool weather vegetable that add color and texture and are easy to grow. I always add vegetables in with my flowers. Many of the herbs Are perennial too. Try growing chives with their lavender blossoms, oregano, thyme and English Lavender.

As these cool weather plants start to dwindle in the heat make sure to cut them back, and remove the foliage as it finishes. It is important to keep the garden clean and ready for the next set of blooms. The choices are endless. Enjoy every Flower and take lots of photos to help you remember what you planted next spring. This is just the beginning of your beautiful garden.

Spring Blooming Annuals

Pansies, Primrose, Snapdragon, Ranunculus

Spring Blooming Perennials

Mountain Inks, Columbine, Poppies, Bleeding Hearts, Peonies, Iris, Hosta, Clematis

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