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Beyond the Sheets

Don’t let the name fool you—Between the Sheets, one of Long Beach Island’s most beloved interior design companies, doesn’t just deal in luxury linens for the home. Kristin Nissen and Maryann Schmid have provided an inclusive shop for home-decorating and design needs for over 25 years.

Between the Sheets specializes in coastal-chic designs that cater to the lifestyle of the second homeowner. Ensuring that each client feels surrounded in “comfort and elegance” throughout the home is a key component of their decorating strategy—whether it be navigating the tricky transition from indoor to outdoor living, transforming master suites into “master retreats,” or even just sourcing the perfect finishing touches to grace a window treatment or bathroom.

When embarking on any home interior design project, Schmid notes that it’s never too early to start the process, but it’s important to include a professional in the journey as soon as possible to create a plan and avoid disappointment. “We discuss a client’s expectations and budget before doing anything else,” says Schmid. A realistic budget and time frame are important elements to have on the table, so that Between the Sheet’s expects can help you successfully realize your vision for your home. “We can get you where you want to be by starting the process with quality conversations about your dreams for the space,” Nissen notes.

Between the Sheets prides itself as being full-service, but notes that they can be as hands-on or as hands-off as their customer prefers. “Some clients are busy and simply want to arrive on LBI with their home interior project complete and some clients to be prefer to be move involved and just need a little hand-holding. We enjoy working with both of these scenarios.”

Between the Sheets has utilized this flexible attitude to furnish not only homes on LBI and throughout the Tri-State area, and as far away as California and plenty of places in between. “Our customers come to us because they want to find something that is a little bit different, and because they don’t want to make a costly decorating mistake,” the designers explain. “It takes experience to harmoniously marry the many design elements needed to create a beautiful home that is not only pleasing to the senses, but also practical and user-friendly for the homeowners and their guests.”

And while their name may not do justice to the breadth of services Between the Sheets offers its customers, it does boil down to that very idea of functionality plus luxury. “At the end of the day, it IS all about the sheets,” Nissen explains. “Who doesn’t want to slip into luxurious bedding in a well-designed suite, and relax?”

To start your home decorating or design project with Between the Sheets, visit them at 1012 Central Ave in Ship Bottom or call 609-361-9297.

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