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Inspired by Exquisite Landscapes

A morning in the Sabine household begins with an all too familiar scene: a mother of three, unruffled, coffee in hand, packing

lunches and getting her older children ready for school. In true mom-fashion, she may even have a toddler on her hip and a golden retriever by her side. But that’s where any similarities of this artist’s life and any other average mom’s ends.

While mesmerized by a canvas inside of her home’s very own art studio, Elizabeth Sabine, the woman with a cheerful smile and determined eyes, silently communicates her thoughts, her emotions—the way she perceives the world— with nothing but a bit of paint and coarse bristles.

Largely influenced by the impressionist [but also modern, pop art, and abstract] movement, New Jersey native Elizabeth Sabine brings to life the true ambience of any given moment in time. Her focus is landscapes, primarily bodies of water with boats and coastal scenes but she also paints florals and custom commissioned artwork. No matter the subject, each of her pieces have one important trait in common: a resonating sense of tranquility; it’s easy to see why her artwork resonates so well with Long Beach Islanders. And although her paintings may be simple and serene, the conception is impassioned, deeply personal and indicative of the striking seascapes and florals that surround her charming home. She finds inspiration within the unpretentious colors found in nature, emphasizing them through pure technique. “I tend to use a very minimal pallet and let the mixing and blending happen with sometimes just three or less hues,” the artist shares. It’s remarkable to learn that some of her most popular paintings invoked only a hue or two from her palette.

Formerly trained in interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Sabine ran her own floral design business for more than ten years and worked as a visual merchandiser for the luxury retailer Nordstrom. But the artist shared that her career path didn’t quite satisfy her appetite for expression as does fine art, noting, “Nothing excites me more than when I have a blank canvas and white pallet. It’s a fresh start, sometimes I’m really not sure where it will lead, but once I start mixing the paints is when a lot of the inspiration begins.” It’s no surprise that in another life Sabine embodied that fast-paced, Manhattan existence for her artwork now seems to be the perfect antidote for anyone looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and simply relish in a moment or two inspired by nature.

Although her work may be compared to the likes of celebrated impressionists Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Eugène Boudin, it clearly stands alone in its subtlety and ability to elicit a sense of wonder and peace. The organic shapes, smooth textures and delicate lines offer a sense of hope and perpetuity, while the difference in tones with such slight hue have just the right amount of saturation and contrasts—leaving the audience with a sense of exhilaration, a delight akin to the contentment one has after an absolute perfect day on the beach or out on a boat. “I would like to think my work speaks to the souls of those who view it,” shares Elizabeth. “I try to create a new story, a new feeling, a new emotion for them which each and every painting,” the artist adds.

Maintaining the raw nature of her work, Elizabeth’s husband, Adam, fabricates all of the frames for her paintings by hand. Her three children, daughter Alanis, aged 9, sons Adam, 7, and William, 1, also love spending time with their artist mother in her studio. “They’ll sit on the on the floor painting along with me. It’s fun and definitely very messy,” she shares. Whether the coastal breeze wisps salty air through an open window or perhaps the aroma of her favorite red currant candle takes her away to the place she feels most at peace and inspired, one thing is for sure: the product of her exquisite interpretations is one of Long Beach Island’s most sought-after artistic creations.

Sabine has had the privilege of exhibiting and selling her work to collectors through shows at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea Art District of New York City, Main Street Gallery in Manasquan, Noon Designs in Bay Head, Finishing Touches in Spring Lake, and Salt Design Co in Asbury Park. Her artwork is currently available at Artifacts & Company of Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, and an updated peek of her portfolio can be viewed on her website and Instagram page, @elizabethsabineart.

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