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No Maintenance Backyard

GardenMark Artificial Grass - For Your Dream Summer

Summer— most often synonymous with spending long, dreamy days outdoors with friends and family. The most telltale signs of summer include a quick round of catch with the kids on a beautiful lawn, an afternoon bocce session with the neighbors or practicing putting on your own green. GardenMark Artificial Grass is ready to turn all of these dreams into a reality.

If lawn mowing or regular trips to the home center are your favorite pastimes, then GardenMark isn’t for you. All of our products are extremely low maintenance—so none of that is required. GardenMark markets three high quality styles of artificial grass that replicate the appearance and function of lush, natural grass. Our four-color Montana, three-color Kentucky and Augusta Putting Green all share the same world-class, high quality fibers that stand up naturally and are soft and durable. All of these varieties are available for both large-scale and small-scale projects.

GardenMark Artificial Grass – Making Your Staycation a True Vacation

GardenMark Artificial Grass is a smart option for everyone who wants to increase the usable space of any size property while saving on maintenance costs. Homeowners enjoy the appearance and function of lush, natural grass with a no-maintenance backyard. Not only is it perfect for all kinds of family fun whether you are into soccer, baseball, reading a book by the pool—or all of the above, but if you don’t have a yard then artificial grass is even ideal for balconies, rooftops and courtyards. GardenMark offers three beautiful, water-permeable styles, which can easily be installed in places that grass cannot grow such as around pools, under trees, pet or children play areas, and even as a substitute for rock and gravel for any location where low maintenance is preferred. Once installed, GreenMark’s Artificial Grass is always ready for fun immediately, making any day of the year a vacation day.

The best part of any “staycation” is having time to relax! With GardenMark Artificial Grass, there is no lawn work. Your beautiful lawn or play area is good to go from day one. The upkeep couldn’t be simpler. There is no seeding, no mowing and no harmful fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides leaching into the ground. As water conservation is also so vital in many areas of the country, no watering means saving on expensive sprinkler systems and water bills. Some cities will even offer rebates or credits for residents who install artificial grass as a water-saving landscaping alternative.

GreenMark Artificial Grass- Good, Clean Fun for Everyone!

Municipalities are pleasing their residents and taxpayers using GardenMark products. Artificial grass has been used around the country to create gorgeous facilities for residents of all ages to enjoy. They create a fun, fresh, clean and mud-free environment for families and pets. Artificial grass may be perfect for large-scale use such as for athletic fields, but it’s simple installation and affordability also make it a great choice for converting smaller spaces into usable recreation areas. The possibilities are endless and the ongoing savings make it a real winner.

There is one visitor municipalities and industry agree they do not want: Canadian Geese. They cause a great deal of property damage and tend to dangerously gravitate towards airports. Recent evidence has shown that the geese prefer natural grass areas over artificial grass, so switching out some or all areas with artificial grass can be an effective tool in reducing their impact and related expenses.

GardenMark is also an excellent choice for larger, commercial properties. The beautification of industrial parks, airports, large office complexes, and other landscaped areas is a growing segment of the commercial market. Why? Because it makes great business sense. Installing artificial grass on areas traditionally covered with landscaping creates a beautiful, vibrant environment while positively impacting the bottom line.

About GardenMark

GardenMark is a one-stop supplier headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey. All artificial grass products are always in stock, including everything needed for a quality installation and timely delivery to the tri-state area and the entire eastern seaboard. GardenMark’s ongoing dedication to new developments and advanced technology allows a superior product with the confidence of a fifteen-year limited warranty on their artificial grass products.

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