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Renovate or Remodel

Looking to renovate or remodel on the island and stay within budget? The design-build process may be the best approach for you.

Photo By Bridget Horgan Bell

The full-service design-build method bypasses the need for a client to go to contract with two separate companies, an architect and a builder, as it combines both aspects of the building process: architecture and construction. Instead of initially hiring an architect to design plans and send them “out to bid” to numerous builders, the design-build option keeps both services, architectural and building, in-house with one point of contact and under one contract. Under Construction in Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, offers this method which saves the homeowner time, money and stress.

During the traditional bid method, the homeowner first meets to discuss the project with an architect who then crafts architectural plans. Once the homeowner receives the plans, he or she forwards these to various builders for estimates. With this process, the homeowner typically gives the architect their wish list of design ideas and amenities. The discussion of budget may be introduced, but it may not be precise until a builder prices out all the elements of the design. An accurate budget may not be possible to establish with this traditional bid method.

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At Under Construction Builders the renovation is designed from the very beginning specifically with the

homeowner’s target budget in mind. The process starts with a preliminary meeting with the builder to discuss the scope of the project and the homeowner’s budget. “When you first meet with your builder, it is important to get to know each other. Communication is key to a successful project,” says Jay Stack, General Manager of Under Construction Builders. During the initial discussion, the homeowner and builder establish a budget which includes the level of finishes that interest the homeowner. The “bells and whistles” along with the size of the project are the two of driving forces of the cost of a renovation.

The next step is to craft a preliminary design with the architect based on the wants and needs of the homeowner are (both functionally and aesthetically) so that the project can be designed within the established budget. The builder will confirm with the architect that the homeowner’s budget is sufficient to support their selections, from cabinets to flooring to fixtures. Equally important, the builder and architect collaborate to assure that the homeowner’s vision is also feasible from a design perspective. Once the team can assure the customer that the plans are buildable from a practical standpoint, a design-build firm can complete the entire project from the initial design sketches to the construction drawings that are suitable for a permit.

This integrated team of architect and builder can deliver a project quicker, more cost effectively and with fewer changes. If an issue arises either prior to or during construction, the architect and builder will tackle it together, make the change on-site and come to a successful resolution. Having one point of contact for the homeowner keeps things simple and helps to maintain a smoothly-run project. This is especially helpful in managing a long-distance remodel.

Photos by Graphicus 14 Productions, LLC

The design-build method allows clients to contract all elements of a project from start to finish with a single firm. Contrary to the traditional bid method which requires two firms and two contracts, this method is a better solution to assure a quality job is completed within a timely and economical manner. At Under Construction Builders, our design-build approach allows us to offer parallel services that merge the expertise of our architects and construction specialists, while maintaining superb, quality craftsmanship throughout the project.

Under Construction Builders has serviced Southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore for over 25 years. We recently moved our offices from Brant Beach to 9th Street in Ship Bottom, directly across from the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce. Our general manager, Jay Stack, has more than 30 years of experience in new home construction and remodeling. His love of the island grew from childhood summer memories at his Brant Beach family home and his Long Beach Township Lifeguard years. His knowledge of and his passion for LBI is seen in his commitment to helping people build their dream homes. We look forward to continuing to serve the LBI area from our new location.

For more information about Under Construction Builders, please visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Houzz to see numerous pictures of our most recent projects.

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