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Blowout Beauty

Located on Long Beach Boulevard and nestled between N 6th and 7th Streets resides a beautifying oasis like no other on Long Beach Island. Specializing in Facials, Massages, Waxing, and Event Makeup, the boutique Beach House Spa of Surf City has just expanded their facility and added to their repertoire the services of a designated Blow Dry, Beauty and Styling Bar— the only spa on LBI to offer its glam-ifying services and event prepping to clientele up and down the island.

“There is a simply demand by customers to be able to go somewhere for a great blowout,” shares Lauren Cirulli, founder and owner of Beach House Spa in Surf City, “and I am filling that void,” she adds. As if somehow eradicating the effects of the island’s humid nightly air on a freshly washed head of unruly hair isn’t enticing enough. Not only does the spa’s blow dry bar offer the option to get a fantastically styled blow out or elaborate coif, but at the hands of Cirulli or one of her talented artists, clients will synonymously get their makeup flawlessly applied. They will essentially be able to enter an appointment at the spa and leave with a complete makeover including hair style and picture-perfect, budge-proof makeup— a crucial experience before any special evening out, holiday affair or photo shoot.

Make no mistake that despite the blow dry and styling bar’s addition to the facility, the spa services remain intact, continually offering luxurious massages and superior skin treatments. “We strive to provide our guests with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, to only offer the highest quality products and most innovative treatments,” Cirulli notes of the services she offers and of the products included. Some of the top brands the spa utilizes are those by Skinceuticals, which is a wildly popular dermatologist and plastic surgeon-recommended clinical skincare line formulated to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage. The other is an all-natural and eco-friendly product line by the name of Farmhouse Fresh, which makes certified organic, specially hand-crafted skin and body care emulsions.

The 1,800 sq. foot space now boasts 5 treatment rooms, 1 airbrush tanning room, 3 Blow Dry stations, and 2 makeup stations available for various events (including pampering-themed bachelorette parties or group special event prep) as well as having the capacity to offer privacy and tranquility for a duo seeking couple’s massages and restorative skin treatments.

“I look forward to sharing all the new services we have this season, to really give the island a place to relax and feel welcomed,” shares Cirulli. The 15-year industry veteran is extremely humbled by the fact that after 2 years she was able to expand the spa to include their new blow dry and event styling bar, as well as an additional two treatment rooms and airbrush tanning. “I truly believe life leads you to where your supposed to be, I absolutely love what I do and the team I have working with me,” the owner adds. A characteristic that is obvious in the quality of her work and undeniable success of the business.

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