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Bringing Your Kitchen Outdoors

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, one of the most important components to consider is sourcing the best weatherproof cabinetry available. While there are quite a few factors that ensure the finished product matches one’s expectations, creating a functional and sturdy-yet-stunning alfresco culinary space is crucial. Having spent the past 30 years perfecting the art of outdoor living, David Ash, Jr., owner of Surf City’s David Ash Jr., Landscape Contractors discusses the brand he recommends as his go-to for resilient, yet beautiful outdoor cabinetry.

“Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever,” begins David Ash Jr, founder of his namesake landscape contracting company. “Homeowners don’t want to be stuck inside on gorgeous summer days. I haven’t met anyone who prefers running food and cooking tools from the inside to the outside of their home all evening long, only to eventually bring everything back in again; they want to enjoy spending time outdoors while entertaining guests. Naturally, an outdoor kitchen space with ample room to set, prep and cook meals is the way to go,” he shares. Bringing the comforts of inside one’s home to the natural setting of the great outdoors is what a majority of his customers are requesting as of late.

NatureKast is the only company that Ash deals with on Long Beach Island. This cabinet manufacturer boasts the rich look of real wood on their outdoor cabinets, but without the constant maintenance. This is so because the brand offers the first 100% weatherproof cabinet using a technologically advanced hi-density resin system that perfectly replicates the natural colour and texture of real wood. The cabinetry designs add a unique warmth and mood, indistinguishable to that of traditional wood. Choosing a door style and finish is very similar to the process of selecting indoor kitchen cabinets— there is an infinite number of options to choose from contemporary, louver, shaker and slab to a popular teak-Kast Mocha stain, a shabby chic silver birch, even a rustic, weathered driftwood. All of their offerings are guaranteed to never warp, fade or crack after enduring even the harshest of year-long outdoor conditions.

“These cabinets are currently installed in outdoor kitchen settings in Northern Canada, where they are buried in snow all winter long. They are also seeing their fair share of coastal application with constant exposure to salt water and moisture. These cabinet systems literally get hosed off with clean water and they are good to go at the start of the season... it’s amazing,” adds Ash. The company’s website even has videos of various door styles submerged completely in a salt water fish tank on permanent display to demonstrate the resilience of this magical wood-resembling, indestructible resin material.

In terms of the types of cabinetry, NatureKast offers grill bases, hoods, outdoor cabinets, panels, TV cabinets, and storage wall cabinets. Whether looking to create a space with poolside charm or glamour worthy of bragging rights, there is no doubt that functionality and beauty are able to reside together when creating the ultimate backyard resort with David Ash, Jr. A five-star outdoor gastronomic experience is guaranteed with the ultimate outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

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