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Classic and Elegant

One of the hottest new looks for bathrooms also happens to be one of the oldest: classic white on white. There’s no color combo more timeless and elegant than white cabinetry adorned with more white by means of marble counters and accents. White modernizes any room with clean minimalism yet allows for a variety of options to warm and enhance with accessories. Marble also happens to be an ageless material that will always be current. Not only is this a style that’s sure to add punch to your space, but —according to Ginny Padula, owner and designer at Town & Country Kitchen and Bath—it’s also guaranteed to stand the test of time.

“Marble brings a timeless, luxurious feel to a space that compliments the white cabinetry many of our clients seek out for a bathroom. Using marble creates a spa-like retreat, which is usually what most homeowners are looking for,” shares Padula. She goes on to explain that using a variety of sizing and patterns within the slab itself creates interest and elevates any look. Doing so keeps the ambience of the bathroom light and bright, but the variation creates movement and interest whilst maintaining its consistency. While there are many marble finish options that keep the space fascinating—whether they be polished, honed or tumbled— the stone adds warmth and sophistication to any space. Even though it is a classic material, it can always be made to look updated and fresh when combined with contemporary cabinetry.

“Since the white and marble combination creates a relaxing sanctuary-like environment, it works well for a master bath. Life is so hectic, so the beginning and ending of one’s day in a tranquil space is truly appreciated. White and marble create that calm respite,” Ginny shares of the prevalence of clients to choose this color combination for their home building projects. The company discloses that the majority of their clientele almost always select some version of this of this look for their master baths. And with the popularity of gray accents en vogue, marble works well for a winning combination.

“I am seeing this combination used in everything from traditional to contemporary spaces. With a change of door styles, hardware or light fixtures, the feel of the room can be completely transformed using the same main materials of white and marble, by just adjusting accents and accessories,” reveals Ms. Padula. Her design firm adds V-Groove accents to the room or door style, casual hardware and laid back decorative accessories to keep spaces light, airy and beachy. Also noteworthy is that when using marble—which has been around forever—there will be a patina that develops over time. Ginny adds that since as a society, we live a much more casual lifestyle, everyday items aren’t expected to stay pristine forever and this characteristic of the marble only adds to its natural charm.

While white on white may seem like an uninteresting, timid style option, on the contrary it has potential for quite the bold statement in a bathroom. Colorful or black fixtures will pop off of the walls and intricate tilework has the potential to add character and old-world charm. Town & Country Kitchen and Bath has implemented this combination of white cabinetry and marble for everyone from young married couples just starting out in their first home to empty nesters. The ability of this color palette to transform any bathroom into a peaceful, settling retreat is reason enough to consider its show-stopping appeal.

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