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The Groom Shack

Photo by Jill Kris

All good things are built on a solid foundation, just like MIYC Groom Shack. Transforming over decades, this shack first began its story as an army barracks. Built centuries ago, this shack housed traveling soldiers who migrated thousands of miles to guard the southern coasts of new jersey. It then became a working clam shack, which stored harvesting tools for clamming the bountiful Barnegat Bay from clam rakes to burlap storage sacks. After the property was discovered by owner Christopher Vernon, he decided to repurpose the existing shack in awe of its historical charm. Then the conversion began. Taking elements from the history, like the original sink and rowing oars, the groom shack transformed into a place where the groom and his fellow groomsmen prepared for the beginning of a new chapter. A small piece of history became a gathering place to take moments of reflection and preparation, surrounded by the company of friends and family. The Mallard Island Groom Shack was built on a strong foundation that lasted through the fiercest of storms and housed many men throughout history. Some may agree that this shack is the perfect place for a groom to think about the foundation he will build with his new wife before they say “I do”.

Photo by Jordan Brian

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