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The Best Time for Landscaping Projects

As summer winds down and cold-weather moves in, a common misconception may be to “take a break” from worrying about the yard and landscaping areas of a property. But that is not the case, according to David Ash, Jr., owner of Surf City’s David Ash Jr., Landscape Contractors. “Early fall, even late August, is actually the perfect time to get your landscape going for the following year,” he notes. So when Mother’s Day (which is generally his rule of thumb for planting annuals into the ground) rolls around, everything will already be put into place and homeowners can sit back, relax, and enjoy their open-air living quarters for the full duration of next year’s warm-weather season.

“See, what many homeowners don’t realize is that landscape design is so much more than sticking beautiful florals into the ground and accenting with stones or pavers,” shares Ash. “The carpentry of the structures themselves, the lighting and electric, gas, fire and kitchen areas, plumbing, custom built pools, showers and spas… it all takes time to conceptualize, plan, and build,” he adds. As a local contractor for almost three decades on Long Beach Island, he has designed the outdoor living areas of hundreds of properties from the ground up. He advocates that the end of the summer is the perfect time to begin any new landscape projects, to ensure they are ready in time for the following spring. The benefit of working with a landscape professional like Ash is the one-stop-shop advantage: his contracting company handles it all, so there is no need to hire sub-contractors or worry about coding and permits during every phase of your project. His experienced, full-service firm does it all for you.

Here are some of the ways David Ash, Jr. encourages clientele to get a head-start on their architecture enhancement and landscape accent ambitions this fall:


Thinking about a new pergola, arbor, deck or rail system? Maybe you want to make a small addition or renovation to an existing structure? Perhaps a new outdoor shower or cabana stall? The fall is a perfect time to put plans for new building structures into place, because you have months of time off-season to build your structures, beds, pave walkways and accent your space with decorative stones before the time comes for its use in the spring.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Elements

Outdoor kitchen possibilities are limitless, since homeowners can choose to go as basic or as elaborate as they prefer. From the standard barbecue setup to a range of amazing appliances and tons of prep space, clients can choose from a wide array of prefab outdoor weatherproof cabinetry or commission Ash’s team to design and build an original custom kitchen from scratch. Either way, homeowners want to be sure to start this project months before next season rolls around, to ensure the kitchen of their dreams is complete in time for that Memorial Day BBQ.

Pools, Spas and Water Features

Putting in a pool can take anywhere from weeks to months, but a big concern on LBI is the water table. This is why commissioning an experienced, local contractor familiar with the island’s soil to take on this task is important. The experts at David Ash, Jr. Landscaping Contractors will assess your property and make suggestions, noting the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of pool options for your particular needs and surroundings, whether it be gunite, fiberglass, custom or prefabricated by a manufacturer. Building and/or installing a swimming pool in the cooler months not only allows homeowners to take advantage of off-season pricing, but guarantees that they will have their pool and surrounding landscaping done by the first warm day—ensuring the family a full season of fun in the water.

Landscape Lighting

An essential for nighttime illumination and setting the ambience of your space, lighting is not only limited to the home itself. Ash’s design team specially installs functional accent lighting on patios, stairs, walkways and path areas, walls, planters, bed edges, up lights, down lights—you name it. And with the superior manufacturers and products he uses, homeowners even have the luxury of selecting zoning, dimming, and color adjustment capabilities to provide virtually limitless design possibilities and on-the-fly control from their iOS and Android devices.

Irrigation Systems and Drainage

An essential for regular property maintenance, configuring a way to properly water all of the foliage on property and control the flow of water (especially during rainy season!) around the foundation of the home is also a key component to functional landscape design. Building and installing irrigation and drainage systems in the off-season are the best way to ensure the project is completed without loss of any valuable summer inhabitance of the space.

Landscape Maintenance Services

In addition to fall cleanup of leaves, pine needles, as well as pruning and deadheading hardy plants and trees, the ongoing maintenance services of Ash’s landscape firm also include raking, blowing, fertilizing, mulching and winterizing pre-existing swimming pools and outdoor irrigation systems, power washing the exterior of homes and patios, decks, and other outdoor structures, and general property management. Transplanting perennial trees and shrubs during autumn is also beneficial as this allows the plants to better establish their roots and truly flourish once the springtime arrives. His team visits clients’ homes on a weekly basis, watering any foliage that may need it, continuing regular blowing/raking clean-ups, in addition to any general contracting maintenance and handyman services homeowners may require.

Taking care of one’s property goes beyond mowing the lawn and planting flowers, which is why employing a landscape design professional with all-inclusive services is the best option for homeowners in terms of saving time, money and the hassle of any outdoor living undertaking. The input of a professional design team will use foliage, lighting, fire and water as well as structural features to emphasize attractive elements of a space, and appropriately organize it to create a truly stunning landscape. Planning and building out these landscape designs prior to the onset of winter will not only ensure a polished, healthier scene of perfection but will also guarantee that your space is ready for use by the time warm weather arrives early next year.

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