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The Art of Custom Homebuilding

The primary reason that a homeowner chooses to build a custom home is so that they can design to their exact taste, lifestyle and preferences. While some homebuilding contractors offer custom options within homes, many like to repeat what they typically do most. Building an entirely personalized home from the ground up gives homeowners the opportunity to create a dwelling environment that suits their every need and desire, but not all builders are able to deliver such a challenging task. Selecting the right builder, a true custom builder, will provide professional guidance and advice every step of the way, and a knowledgeable staff and craftsman will meet and exceed expectations without undue stress,

Photo By Howard Schneider

“A house should not only be beautiful, but it should be designed with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind, as every home is unique” shares Lou Padula, founder and principal of Padula Builders, based out of Manasquan, NJ. “You often hear ‘building was a nightmare!’ to which I reply, ‘because you hired the wrong builder!’” adds Padula, whose clients are so satisfied with his work that he currently is building homes for the children of previous clients. For over 30 years Padula Builders has specialized in building waterfront homes in the some the harshest climates. The process starts with proper planning and a knowledgeable staff of dedicated professionals. Their office coordinates all aspects of planning and coordination with clients, architects and other professionals, trades, regulatory agencies, field staff and every other aspect necessary. They directly employ some of the most talented and professional carpenters and project managers in the business. When it comes to their sub-contractors, they don’t award jobs to the lowest bidder, as most of their subcontractors have been with them for more than 15 years—several for almost three decades. They provide the highest quality of work at competitive prices and no worries of them taking short cuts as it is the very opposite, they go above and beyond and are always there even years after a project is complete.

Photo By Patricia Burke Photography

Last and truly not least are the designers at Padula Builders who will advise, select and coordinate the finishes to your taste and budget. This is a process the firm starts during the initial design phase to reduce the number of changes later.

Bring your plans to Padula Builders and they will be happy to work with your architect before and during the project. If you don’t have plans, they also offer complete design-build services which they feel alleviate the stress of having to seek out a suitable architect and other professionals, they will assemble the team and coordinate the process so that homeowners can continue doing what they do. Throughout the design, they are your consultants providing insight and advise to ensure no detail is overlooked and budget is kept in mind.

“We are not just building a home, we are building a relationship,” adds Padula, who is proud of every home he has built and the awards they have won over the years of homebuilding.

Photo By Howard Schneider

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