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Next Generation

For many families, taking summer trips down the shore is an annual tradition, making the months between May and September a time for sun, saltwater and sweet memories. For some, shore trips are a relatively new tradition. But for others, spending the summer at the Jersey Shore is a tradition spanning multiple generations, beginning when someone first purchased a summer home that they, their children, and their children’s children, could enjoy for years to come.

105 Indiana Avenue in Long Beach Township is one of those homes. Built in the 1980s, 105 was created as a “spec” home, with no specific resident in mind. It was the first on the block to be built on stilts, standing high above its Cape Cod style neighbors. While 105 served as a visual contrast to Indiana Avenue’s streetscape, it was still a modest and unpretentious home, incredibly well-loved by its owners and guests. It was a staple in many families’ lives, known most for the comfort it brought its visitors.

For more than three decades, 105 continued to welcome its owners and tenants each summer, even though it had seen better days. While the surrounding houses in the neighborhood were seeing major changes in the form of additions and full rebuilds, 105 remained relatively untouched, and found itself overshadowed by the newer, larger homes that began to pop up on Indiana Avenue over the years—that is, until PJCArchitecture, a Manhattan-based architecture and design firm, undertook the task of redesigning and renovating the beloved summer home.

Now, 105 boasts a more modern design, both aesthetically and functionally, while still maintaining its strong heritage and presence as a cohesive element of the neighborhood. Just as it is special to so many families, it is also special in the way it has been renovated.

No stranger to the coastal elements, 105 has withstood many seaside storms and much weathering. With this in consideration, the materials sourced for the home’s renovation were chosen because they are modest and easy to maintain, despite the harsh conditions that real estate located less than one block from the beach tends to face season after season. These materials, such as durable AZEK vinyl trim, are common to most house construction on the island. At 105, they are used in a slightly different manner to give the house a unique look, while still complementing the more traditional design of its neighbors.

The new deck design extends past the side of the house, expanding the view of its surroundings. A low deck wall provides privacy from the street without compromising the view, and open screens on the side of the deck create a space secluded from adjacent neighbors, while still allowing an airy breeze to pass through. Together, all of these aspects give 105 a fresh look, and add to the character and charm of the home. Still enjoyed by its original owners, this renovated beach house is sure to also win the approval of current and future generations of visitors to come with its welcoming and relaxed feel.

105 Indiana Avenue has finally received its long-deserved upgrade; it stands out on the block once again, while retaining its signature inviting and charming atmosphere that fits right into the LBI aesthetic. After its renovation, it is now prepared to welcome the next generation of families, ready to head down the shore, looking for a place to gather and create lasting memories.

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