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Over the Top

Planning and building a beach home may essentially follow the same fundamental process of primary home designing, but there’s something special about knowing you have the chance to create your own great escape. Summer homes give us the opportunity to be creative and expressive, more so than we get to be in our day-to-day functional, efficient surroundings. Since getting away at the beach is an immersive experience, this is why each precise little detail—or each grand, elaborate one—will give you a feeling that you’re somehow removed from everyday life and truly on island time for the duration that you are there.

While new custom homes by the sea can be designed to reflect casual living patterns

and facilitate entertaining, they can also be viewed as a canvas for personal expression. More often than not, the unique touches manifest when the dust settles and it’s the individual and personal elements that can take a home from good to great, and from great to wow! “Many times, it’s not until a home is near completion that opportunities for this detailed form of customization arise. “Some owners have to see and experience spaces to get a feel for the home before choosing many of the finishing touches, and it’s the perfect way for them to be confident in their decision to take the design of the home to truly the next level,” shares Michael Pagnotta, owner of Michael Pagnotta Architecture & Construction in Ship Bottom.

The idea is to add in plenty of conveniences from pools, saunas and backyard oases, to game rooms, personal gyms and fully-loaded kitchens. It could even be as simple as a few extravagant design features, such as pillared columns to towering sash windows. One must ask oneself, what are the items that you, as a homeowner, want the most for the purpose of your practicability: Is it a certain aesthetic with prominent design-led attributes? High-tech features and controls? A laid-back and comfortable work space? Storage and plentiful space for entertaining? Maybe it’s the ability to have a completely maintenance-free and worry-free structure and property? Only you can decide.

Some interior opportunities for homeowners to explore this “over the top” design aesthetic include:

  • Built- ins

  • Shelving

  • Window seats

  • Bunk beds

  • Ceiling treatments

  • Wall finishes- Ship lap, board and batten, T+G, V-Groove

  • Window treatments -shutters

  • Fireplace details

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Furniture/ artwork

Excellent ways to go a bit more extravagant with the exterior of a home include:

  • Screen porch

  • Outdoor kitchen

  • Gardens

  • Pools and fountains

  • Firepits

  • Pergolas

Whatever your goals are, the experts at Michael Pagnotta Architecture & Construction are a plethora of knowledge about the ever-possible features and functions available in the industry to help you get the most out of your home design. Their team works timelessly with home owners to create a tailored design and build plan to suit your needs and desires.

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