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Complimentary Luxury

Long Beach Island is a community of charming architecture and alluring interior design. From multimillion-dollar beach front estates to sweet little bayside cottages—and everything in between— this melting pot of populace from the entire tristate area has yielded a coastal home design market like no other. But whether homeowners are taking on a major construction project or simply assuming to refresh their beachy abode for the season, a unifying principle holds true—one needs not look further than the longest-standing, trusted home décor authority on LBI: Oskar Huber Furniture & Design, of Ship Bottom, NJ.

This dreamy home furnishings mecca –celebrating 93 years in business this season—has the largest showroom presence on Long Beach Island with more than 20,000 sqare feet dedicated to offering clientele the capability of physically walking through and experiencing thousands of visual design elements for both indoor and outdoor living. “A competitive advantage we have is the capacity for our interior designers to help clientele heighten their perception of the sensory elements of design, and not just focus exclusively on the visual aesthetic. We have the ability for a client to make selections based upon seeing, touching, feeling products before deciding on whether they are a good fit for their home,” shares Bobby Huber. He goes on to add, “This is your home. Our team knows how to absorb your likes and dislikes, characterize your style and then translate it into the expression of home décor. We will make your home beautiful and comfortable together.” From access to the latest in coastal designs, smart and stylish furniture collections, exclusive mattresses and home décor lines, to expert advice from in-house interior design service professionals, Oskar Huber offers everything clients need to revamp their spaces—including igniting sparks of inspiration.

The advantage of working with Oskar Huber is that enlisting in the help of a skilled interior designer is a luxury you will never have to pay for. Their design center is brimming with valuable resources and equipped with the industry’s latest interactive room-planning software. This complimentary service consists of everything from planning cohesive floorplans as early on as the architectural phase of a new build, to simple finishing touches within rooms of all shapes and sizes. They offer expert advice and personal solutions to help make selections specifically functional to clients’ needs—with the freedom to tackle an entire house, or one room, or even one item, at a time. Their goal is to make the decorating process as easy and as enjoyable as possible for the homeowner, which is achieved by means of professional guidance at their simultaneous design service and retail showroom.

“I feel as though my artistic talents have synthesized beautifully with my love of people and their stories. I love to meet new people and gain insight about what is meaningful for them and listen well enough to guide them through creating an environment that truly reflects them,” shares one of the designers at Oskar Huber. The team acknowledges that for many people, it can be overwhelming to furnish and decorate a home when faced with so many options, which is exactly why the showroom staffs professional designers that are friendly, creative and incredibly talented at what they do.

In addition to custom upholstery, dining, bedroom and accent furniture, the Oskar Huber team also assists clientele with other facets of design including flooring and rugs, window treatments, paint, and decorative accessories. They will do on-site visits to take accurate measurements, experience the space in order to tailor design assessments, sketch ideas, create rendering proposals using the latest professional design software, and then guide clients through their showroom towards pieces perfectly suited to fit their design needs. The collaborative partnership consists of a designer presenting clients with an initial set of ideas based on their vision, and after receiving feedback, refining the suggestions until it’s perfect because they are dedicated to bringing an individual’s unique vision to life.

And of course, the designers at Oskar Huber will always work within any specific budget. They believe that working from a full plan avoids costly mistakes, even if clients decide to purchase furnishings in stages. The team prides itself on working with any budget, style, and unique space. As they like to say at Oskar Huber, “Fabulous Furniture, Thoughtful Room Design… Customized Just for You.”

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