The Container Garden made Easy

| Photography | Photography Tanek Hood Begin with a clean pot that provides good drainage. Choosing your container is the fun part—there are so many beautiful vessels from all around the world! You can also get creative: use an old basket, boot, or tin. To enhance drainage, place rocks, shards from clay pots, or even small plastic pots turned upside down at the bottom of your vessel. Next, use a lightweight soil mix with a slow-release fertilizer to cut the feeding frequency. If water or wind presents an issue, other products help retain water—the most important part of container gardening. Most container gardens will need waterin

All the Right Components

The Island: “Oh look! There’s a kitchen in my living room!” Kitchens are rapidly becoming more and more a part of the family living space, with floor plans opening up and a functional “island” serving as the only separation between living/dining and the kitchen. With that evolution, the kitchen island is now being treated as a piece of furniture and is often done in a color that coordinates, yet contrasts, with the perimeter kitchen cabinets. Beadboard, paneling, or doors are applied to the back and possibly sides of the island, with baseboard molding applied to finish the bottom. Sometimes the ends are left open with decorative legs supporting the countertop for casual seating. Although des

Draw Your Own Line

YOU’VE SEEN THE STICKERS AND SHIRTS, BUT DO YOU KNOW JETTY’S STORY? PADDLING OUT Jetty ( began with an idea among friends on a 2001 trip: “Let’s start a surf brand” that’s all about “supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation, and spreading positive energy.” Five original founders put that idea into action: they picked the name, Jetty, designed a logo, created a business plan, and set out to break into the surf apparel industry. As a group, they decided to build and live The Jetty Life, which meant a chance to work for themselves, create opportunities, and facilitate travel while pursuing their passions. What they created, ultimately, is a lifestyle apparel brand built

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