Photos by Michael John Murphy Model - Stephany Reid Hair - Nicole Segal Photo Assistant - Kate Murphy Boats Supplied by Marine Max

Island Vows

Photos by Ann Coen and Ryan Johnson Styled and Props by Three Crowns Venue - Daymark Dresses and Accessories - Free Love Bridal Flowers - Reynolds Floral Market Makeup - Beach House Spa Invitations - Britt Larson

The Perfect Fit

Having moved back to the United States recently from overseas, retired military veteran Mike DeFrancisco decided to purchase a home at the shore and settle down. He had grown up visiting Long Beach Island and selected Beach Haven West to be his new permanent residence. After much searching, Mike found a wonderful home looking out over the lagoon. While in the process of closing on his new home, Mike launched into the search for furnishings. Prior to moving the last time, Mike had sold all his possessions and was starting completely fresh in Beach Haven West. Unsure of what he wanted, he began, as most people do, in the big box furniture stores. Unfortunately he felt that he kept seeing the

Building Quality Homes & Quality Relationships

Wriitten By Lisa Simek Times change. Home designs constantly evolve. Construction technologies advance. Lifestyle routines adjust. New building codes are enforced. But one constant that will always remain is the desire to work with an impeccable builder. Since finding the best building contractor is in many ways not unlike the dating realm, perhaps applying the same relationship methodology towards one’s next construction project would—as with this local North Beach family—guarantee not only emerging with your sanity intact after building a home, but gaining a lifelong friend as a result of the process. When Joan and Tim Fitzpatrick decided to build a home on a beach block lot in Surf City i

A Smarter Home

by Tanek Hood, Reynolds Lighting Division Two-hundred years ago, homes were basic structures that were needed to keep rain off our heads and give our children a place to sleep, providing basic needs with minimal innovation. In 2017, things have changed: the home senses and interacts with the family to make life better. Innovations in home automation control have progressed quickly in the last two decades with the advent of the Internet and increased connectivity. In fact, what was originally science fiction is now a daily piece of our life. Now, everyone can have some version of the smarter home and there are many options to choose from when integrating technology to simplify your life. Smal

Luxury & Spa - Like Simplicity

Written By Jennifer Begonia | Photos By Dianne Ahto In a single home project completed last summer, Ann D’Astugues and her colleague, Sara Tool, of The Red Chair, designed a series of beachy baths with custom features and natural materials, creating classic, sophisticated looks that will endure, beautifully. In each bathroom, the designers first question was always, “Who will be using this room, primarily?” Guest baths, family baths, and a special, spacious master were all imagined under a bathroom design philosophy summed up by Ann as “simplicity.” Her vision was brought to life by KHE Construction Corporation, especially owner Kevin Engelken. The cabinetry was created and installed by Hand

Local Architecture Makes a Splash in the Design World

Written By Lisa Simek Long Beach Island’s fortes have always included the finest and freshest bay scallops, heavenly clam chowders, and good old-fashioned hand whipped fudge. And while surfing and fishing are customary pastimes, in recent years the local LBI art scene has also illuminated the island’s assortment of homegrown photographers, artists, and craftsman. But as the current building and construction movement continues to grow, there is a Long Beach Island paradigm being born, this time in the architecture design realm: the LBI-style home. From North to South, the architectural evolution of homes on Long Beach Island has taken us everywhere from bungalows built for two to majestic sea

Pavers: Options and Alternatives

Written By: Thomas Scangarello Jr. & Jessica Scangarello | Photos By: Cathy Esibill ( Today on Long Beach Island, homeowners are finding an abundance of choices when it comes to paving patios, driveways, and walkways. Clients frequently inquire about what materials are available and best suited for their projects. Should we use a natural stone or a manufactured stone product? Will my pavers settle over time? Are there any alternative options? Interlocking paving systems, or “Pavers”, have many advantages, including their variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Unlike with poured concrete, homeowners with pavers don’t have to worry about cracking. If damage occurs to a s

Outdoor Living Elements of Fire

Written By Lisa Simek Often the thought of gathering around a fire brings back the most pleasant of nostalgic memories: catching up with loved ones and exchanging laughs, while humming the tune of your favorite songs, feeling warm and at peace under a starry night sky on a cool summer’s evening. Studies prove that simply staring at a fire lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and relieves stress, so it’s no surprise that the installation of fire featured elements has been taking off on Long Beach Island. “People are drawn to fire,” notes David Ash Jr., renowned local landscaper, designer, and owner of the Surf City-based company David Ash Jr. Landscape Contractors. He adds, “It’s about

Between the Sheets

photo by Bonnie Felton History Owners Kristin Nissen and Maryann Schmid, with the loving support of their families, founded Between the Sheets (BTS) 24 years ago. The original concept was to provide clients with selections of beautiful linens to complement their interiors. Very quickly, BTS started providing interior design services, bringing together quality furnishings, window treatments, and wall and floor coverings, in addition to excellent quality linens. The owners had design backgrounds, having worked together at Whalon’s Furniture & Design in Ship Bottom (who remembers them?). Matching You & Your Linens What a personal endeavor—to dress your bed. Your comfort comes first. You probabl

From the Beach to the Backyard

Written by Emily Warne For decades, the beaches of LBI served as the backdrop for making lasting vacation memories, with children plunging into Barnegat Bay while adults basked in the sun shoreside. When the lifeguard’s whistle blew, the swim trunks were finished for the day and it was time to head indoors. Now, that whistle is simply the cue for the children to retreat from the beach and dive into a backyard swimming pool, while the adults pull together dinner in an outdoor kitchen, enjoy cocktails around the poolside bar, or simply relax on the patio. Kline Brothers Landscaping has been at the forefront of this transition, routinely transforming ordinary backyards into extraordinary outdoo

Founded in Family: Meet the Andersons

While growing up on Long Beach Island, Gil and Marie Anderson likely never imagined that they would leave such an important imprint on their community. Gil provided for his family by clamming the bay and working as a house painter. Having the foresight to find ways to serve a developing resort area with changing demands, Gil established a real estate and insurance business in 1967 that remains deeply committed to people who visit and live on LBI. The original location was at 117th Street and Long Beach Boulevard. In 1978, they moved to their (then) newly constructed and current office in Haven Beach. G. Anderson Agency opened a second location in Manahawkin in 1973. Today, G. Anderson Agency

Garden That Can Take the Heat

Peg Reynolds, matriarch of the reputable Reynold Landscaping, Garden Shop, Nursery and Florist dishes the dirt on cultivating stunning, drought-resistant flower gardens. Everyone loves flowers in their garden. The question I am asked most is, “What can I plant that doesn’t need any water?” Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a plant that doesn’t require watering, but with thoughtful consideration to plant variety, the help of Mother Nature, and a few expert tips along the way, growing a successful flower garden is right at one’s fingertips. 1# The most important characteristic to seek out when selecting garden plants is usually printed directly on the label and is described as a “low wa

Daily Dose of Greens

Recipes by Lisa Simek A quick scan of the Surf City Farmers Market will confirm that there is no shortage of fresh, vibrant produce during the summer months. If you have a bountiful vegetable garden, are a part of a neighborhood CSA, or prefer to shop your local grocer for the tastiest seasonal produce, one thing is for sure—there is no better way to get the most vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes from a variety of fruits and veggies than by concentrating those phytonutrients, otherwise known as juicing them. Whether you are trading in your morning latte for an energizing shot of wheatgrass or trying to counter an overindulgence with a detoxifying and nourishing vitamin boost, try

A Passion for Health and Fitness

photos by ann coen Meet Quinn McNicholas, 22 year old owner of Fitness by Quinn, an exclusive in-home personal training service. Due to her immense passion for health and fitness, her goal is to change as many lives as possible—physically and mentally. She will be teaching TRX High Intensity classes at Black Sheep Studios all summer and fall, so drop on in or book your one-on-one with her today! This full body workout is built for you to lose fat and build muscle using only your body and a chair! Single leg push ups Set your hands shoulder width apart on the chair and get into a solid plank position. Your core, glutes and quads should be tight! With a neutral spine (straight back) lift one l

Disconnect to Reconnect

Written by Katie Ribsam In this modern world filled with modern demands, most people will find themselves constantly struggling to stay ahead: work, family, responsibilities—and more work. At some point we slow down, but society unfortunately has its way of luring us towards the meaningless distractions unbeknownst to the culturally and environmentally-rich ways of our ancestors past. Today’s downtime consists of Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook instead of connecting to the people and planet around us. With the days longer and the summer sun warmer, now is the time to purposefully disconnect from that which distracts and reconnect with our family, friends, and self. As a Summer 2017 resoluti

Reclamming the Bay

Written by Adam Binder The mission to repopulate Barnegat Bay’s clam colonies will take a long time—and it has to start with public awareness. Reclam the Bay (RCTB) is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental benefits of shellfish filtering, feeding, and cleaning of this important LBI estuary. Originally inspired by Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County, RCTB works closely with Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program (BBSRP) to boost the shellfish population through education and maintaining clam and oyster nurseries or upwellers throughout Ocean and Monmouth County. What is RCTB and what do they do? Since obtaining nonprofit status in

Commercial Fishing on Long Beach Island

Written by Emily Warne | Photo by Ann Coen On any given Friday morning through Labor Day, you might find Karter Larson leading groups of vacationers on tours of the docks behind the popular Historic Viking Village in Barnegat Light. He’s not showing them around the antique shops or boutiques selling swimwear, however; he’s there to tell them about the boats, explain the mechanics of operating a fishery, and describe the differences between the vessels and the types of fish they catch. The tours also give groups a taste of the day’s catch, with local chefs preparing fish and scallops fresh from the boats. Photo by Eric Setzer These boats collectively contribute to one of the largest aspects o

An Oyster Farmer's Film Journey

By Angela C. Andersen Starting with an idea and developing it from start to finish as a film took me on an incredible journey through many emotions and states of mind: the thrill of discovering and defining a concept; the determination to saturate myself in information and people; the exhaustion that came with the drive as other things in life started to play second fiddle; the stress of making sure we left no stone unturned and of living on timelines (times of day, not enough time, what time should I meet you, and—we are out of time); the overwhelming joy and satisfaction when it all came together as The Oyster Farmers, a new documentary film. The Oyster Farmers tells a local story with a g

Wedding Bliss I

Photographer-Alex Rivera of Ann Coen | Photography Venue-The Boathouse | Flowers-Reynolds Garden Shop | Dress-Rue De Seine from Lovely | Bridal Hair/Makeup- Just Braggin | Rentals-Rustic Drift (ceremony arbor and benches) | projectMEHL (tandem bike) | Remaining Wedding and Venue Styling-by the bride How we Met Summer of 2007 Christine traveled to Long Beach Island, New Jersey, with her good family friends, the Suttons. She quickly eyed up the old longboards in their garage and asked Tony if she could take one out to try and surf. Sharon felt more comfortable if she took a surf lesson first, so one Sunday morning they went into Farias Surf and Sport and were given Beau’s name as a contact. In

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