Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Ingredients: 4 chicken wings 4 chicken drumsticks 4 chicken thighs Peanut or canola oil for frying chicken 6 cups all-purpose flour 3 T. salt 2 T. ground pepper 2 T. garlic powder 2 tsp. cayenne pepper 2 cups buttermilk Preparation: Preheat your oil in a large heavy pan on the stove to 325 degrees. In a large bowl, mix flour, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper and set aside. Pour the buttermilk into another large bowl and set next to the flour. Lightly dust chicken with your flour mixture, dip in the buttermilk until they are coated, and then put them in the flour mixture. Make sure to press the flour mixture into the buttermilk coated chicken to well coat. Carefully, plac

Pasta Salad with Lemon, Artichoke Hearts & Roasted Peppers

Ingredients: 1 lb. (16 oz.) cooked pasta such as fusilli 1 (8 oz.) multi-colored mini-sweet peppers, roasted 1 clove minced garlic 1 (14 oz.) jar artichoke hearts, drained and chopped ¼ cup capers, drained ¼ cup toasted pine nuts ¼ cup freshly-shredded Parmesan cheese ½ cup fresh basil leaves, torn 3 T. olive oil 1 lemon, freshly squeezed Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: Cook pasta according to package and set aside. Roast peppers in 300 degree oven for 15 minutes or until peppers begin to slightly brown, turn once and remove and let cool. Slice each pepper in half, remove seeds and set aside. Combine pasta, peppers, garlic, artichoke hearts, capers, pine nuts, basil and Parmesan cheese

Holgate Haven

They say Home is Where the Heart Is, but this little treasure proves that sometimes, it’s really the heart that makes the greatest home. Amidst all of the mind-blowing architecture and breathtaking craftmanship that can be viewed on Long Beach Island, every so often there is a home that stands out from the rest. Stunning ocean views from airy exterior porches and decks, beautifully coordinated natural elements of brick and cedar impressions, details at the hand of the craftsmen such as open eave-designs and exposed rafter tails… as if all of these gorgeous details weren’t enough, Rich and Judy Steinbach are in the process of learning the legal formalities so that the dream of opening their H

Our Neighbors, The Ospreys.

Imagine for a moment that LBI didn’t allow any private ownership of land or homes. Instead, picture our Island as a large park with a collection of humble shacks and small domiciles randomly scattered across it. Now imagine that these public homes were available, free of charge, to any and all of us for the summer on a first come, first serve basis. Lacking even basic amenities like heat, air conditioning, or running water, our season would likely get started in mid March when the weather began to warm, and would end in October when the cold winds returned. The most aggressive and most experienced Islanders would arrive first in the early spring to claim the very best spots for the summer. F

Wedding Bliss I

How we met “Summering on LBI just two streets away from each other in Surf City, who would have thought it would have taken us about 22 years to find each other. After I graduated College and Scott returned home from Australia, I caught his eye at a friends houses and ever since then we have been inseparable,” shares the bride. How he Proposed “LBI had a very special place in our hearts, there are certain places that bring back memories to us. We love spending weekends on LBI in the winter, and Scott couldn’t think of a better place to propose than on LBI. We enjoy going to Barnegat Light to check out Old Barney, Viking Village and grab a beer at Kubel’s. So just like any other weekend we we

Classic and Elegant

One of the hottest new looks for bathrooms also happens to be one of the oldest: classic white on white. There’s no color combo more timeless and elegant than white cabinetry adorned with more white by means of marble counters and accents. White modernizes any room with clean minimalism yet allows for a variety of options to warm and enhance with accessories. Marble also happens to be an ageless material that will always be current. Not only is this a style that’s sure to add punch to your space, but —according to Ginny Padula, owner and designer at Town & Country Kitchen and Bath—it’s also guaranteed to stand the test of time. “Marble brings a timeless, luxurious feel to a space that compli

Brunching with The Two Dopes

If you’re looking to lick your wounds from the night before or you just want to start your day off right, summer time brunches are a must! Long Beach Island has it’s fair share of great brunch spots, so the Two Dopes from Jersey went out in search of the best brunches on the island. Old Causeway If you’re a Professional Bruncher then a trip just off of the Island to The Old Causeway is a must. As soon as you read the menu, it is apparent they take brunch very seriously. From Meatloaf Sliders served on Buttermilk Biscuits to their French Toast stuffed with whipped cream, Nutella and bananas, it is nearly impossible to make a bad decision.Oh, and did we mentioned their bottomless mimosas and m

Welcoming bees and butterflies into the garden

Bees and butterflies add beauty and excitement to the garden—but that’s not the only reason to plant for these pollinators. We have all heard about the dangerous decline of the bee population. Did you know that we can thank pollinators for one out of every three bites of food that we eat? About 35% of the world’s food crops and 75% of all flowering plants need pollinators to reproduce. Bees pollinate many of New Jersey’s most important crops including blueberries, cranberries, tomatoes, peppers peaches and cucumbers. Planting for these pollinators will reward us with a bounty of fruits, veggies and flowers. There are many varieties of bees that we see buzzing around our yard other than t

Burgers + Pies = Delicious Blast from the Past

Long Beach Island has this magnetic pull on anyone who has ever set foot on the island. As soon as you cross over the bridge, it’s almost like a time transport to an unpretentious world in which you get the feeling that time has just sort of... stood still for a while. There’s an element sentimentality, which with it brings fond memories of summers past along with an indescribable sense of comfort and serenity. And despite the fact that homes may be getting larger and, sure, the island seems to be bustling more than ever—the core fundamentals of pure and simple, laid-back beach life will always remain a constant on the island. And one of these nostalgic anchors of LBI traditions happens to b

Island's End

The Long Beach Island Trailer Park was home to 141 trailer homes on the south end of Long Beach Island since 1963. The site is a stone’s throw from the Edward Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, home of the many endangered birds native to this area. It was not until after super storm Sandy destroyed the trailer park in 2012 that owner Bob Muroff and his family decided to sell the property. At the time, the Lennar Corporation (US Homes) tried unsuccessfully to obtain approvals for 51 homes, most of which would have been smaller lots with not much space between homes. Then the project was brought to Michael Pagnotta, a local architect and builder who has been working on LBI since 1987. The Pagnotta prop

Celebrating 30 Years!

Long Beach Island’s signature Chowderfest Weekend sends compliments to the chef as it hits a milestone on September 29-30 2018. Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce salutes restaurants, volunteers and the voters all of who made three decades of champions possible It has been said that good food is the genuine foundation of happiness, that may be why Chowderfest has always be so well grounded. From legions of dedicated “Chowderhead” supporters that span over a generation, to talented chefs and restaurateurs that perfect award winning recipes that have helped shape culinary legends. The story of Chowderfest begins with a core group of volunteers and business owners who were active with So

Natural Skin Care | Natural, Organic, Botanical & More

It’s no secret that harmful chemicals lurk inside of the average makeup bag. Considering that our skin is the largest (and most porous) organ of the body, it absorbs whatever we put on it. The good news is that we’ve rounded up some of the very best natural and organic makeup brands that not only do a stellar job of beautification, but their plant-derived components will also heal, condition, and soothe the skin: Must-have Summer Beauty Essential of 2018: KORA Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer, $28, Sephora You know how models and celebrities’ skin is always glowing, dewy and oh-so-healthy looking? Well this organic, creamy highlighter contains finely crushed shiny Rose Quartz for a transparent

Blowout Beauty

Located on Long Beach Boulevard and nestled between N 6th and 7th Streets resides a beautifying oasis like no other on Long Beach Island. Specializing in Facials, Massages, Waxing, and Event Makeup, the boutique Beach House Spa of Surf City has just expanded their facility and added to their repertoire the services of a designated Blow Dry, Beauty and Styling Bar— the only spa on LBI to offer its glam-ifying services and event prepping to clientele up and down the island. “There is a simply demand by customers to be able to go somewhere for a great blowout,” shares Lauren Cirulli, founder and owner of Beach House Spa in Surf City, “and I am filling that void,” she adds. As if somehow eradica

Your Dream Kitchen

Thinking of updating your kitchen? Living through a kitchen renovation can be a challenge whether you are remodeling your primary residence or your beach house due to dust, noise and the inconvenience of finding a temporary place to cook and eat. If your schedule allows, choosing to remodel your beach house kitchen during the off season is ideal without infringing on your vacation time. But whatever time frame you choose, your kitchen renovation will be well worth the wait and is one of the smartest places to invest in your home. Before beginning the process of renovating, think about how you plan to use your kitchen and what features are most important to you. Is it predominantly a prep spa

Bringing Your Kitchen Outdoors

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, one of the most important components to consider is sourcing the best weatherproof cabinetry available. While there are quite a few factors that ensure the finished product matches one’s expectations, creating a functional and sturdy-yet-stunning alfresco culinary space is crucial. Having spent the past 30 years perfecting the art of outdoor living, David Ash, Jr., owner of Surf City’s David Ash Jr., Landscape Contractors discusses the brand he recommends as his go-to for resilient, yet beautiful outdoor cabinetry. “Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever,” begins David Ash Jr, founder of his namesake landscape contracting company. “Homeowners do

Impactful Entries

Courtyards, trellises and gates—entry structures and patios can enhance, embellish and transform a simple access point into an architectural centerpiece that draws attention and transitions circulation throughout the property. They bridge functional areas of the residence and act as sign posts to both guide forward or encourage meandering and contemplation. Mark Reynolds, owner of Reynolds Landscaping and Garden Shop, has been designing and installing unique entry features on LBI for over 37 years and offers the following advise when considering the right entry structure for your property. Formal and elegant or simple and rustic, according to Reynolds, the entry structure should be designed

Blueberry, Nectarine and Mint Salad

Ingredients: 2 cups blueberries 4 ripe nectarines, pitted and sliced ½ cup fresh mint, torn plus more for garnish 1 T. sugar 1 T. fresh lime juice Preparation: Combine all ingredients together in a bowl. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Creating your Dream Home

Walking into a furniture and design store can be overwhelming, even for those who have specific visions for their dream décor. And for those who find interior design particularly challenging, stepping foot into Oskar Huber, where every corner looks ripped from a Pinterest board, could seem to be a daunting task. Thankfully, they won’t allow that. While their location near the Causeway makes it a can’t-miss landmark, it’s their designers’ reputations for guiding homeowners through the interior design process that brings clients coming back year after year. Russ Heckman and Lisa Storms, two members of Oskar Huber’s interior design team, have seen it all—and have plenty of tips to guide those w

Wedding Bliss II

How we Met “We first met in New York City. We were briefly introduced by mutual friends at happy hour in the East Village. Kevin reached out the next day and a date was set for the following weekend. We quickly learned on that first date that we had much in common including our love of the beach, skiing, travel and our families. Dating and adventures together continued!” How he Proposed “Kevin proposed on Christmas night in December 2016. We had a fun week of Christmas celebrations with both of our families. We finished Christmas dinner and were heading home to our apartment downtown... right then Kevin proposed. Two days later we were off to Amsterdam and Berlin over the New Year to celebra

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