Wedding Bliss

How we met I have spent all my summers on LBI, and Anthony’s family rents for a week in August every summer. In the summer of 2012, I went to the Hudson House to meet up with a friend, Mike, who happened to be there with Anthony. After a while, someone spilled my drink. Anthony noticed and offered to buy me a new one. A few days later, I got Anthony’s phone number from Mike, and we made plans to meet back at the Hud that night. While there, we realized we lived a few towns away from each other “in the real world.” The next week, we went on our first date back home. I told Anthony that I was not looking for anything serious at the time, as I was just beginning my first year of teaching and kn

Breathe. Move. Love.

photos by ann coen After many years of practicing and studying yoga all over this gorgeous country and massive planet, I’ve planted some solid roots right here on this sweet island, LBI. Every summer I land back here to share all the goodness and magic I’ve picked up along the way. I believe yoga is an invitation to your highest most vibrant self. Yoga is one great act of self-care that allows us to create harmony amongst all parts—of our bodies, our systems, our lives, our relationships. It’s an unlearning, a reorganizing, a bliss-inducing practice that invites us to find more joy in our lives, to find deeper connections with our surroundings and one another, and to simply be more amazing t

A Modern Classic

Photos by John Martinelli Traditional forms meet modern function for stunning views of the bay Ed and Ellen Freeman have called Long Beach Island home for 20 years. They raised three kids at 706 S. Atlantic Ave., in Beach Haven—the third of the noteworthy Seven Sisters cottages built in the mid-1920s. Now that their kids are all out on their own, the Freemans were ready for a change when an empty, Bay-side lot in Ship Bottom came on the market. Standing empty and measuring roughly 83 by 67 feet with bulkheads on the south and west sides, 1915 E. Bay Ave., Ship Bottom, seemed the perfect blank canvas. The only hitch was that the lot’s buildable footprint, as set by the Coastal Area Facility R

Lightweight & Effortless

This North End vacation oasis stands tall along the dunes of Long Beach Island and enjoys breathtaking views of the Atlantic. The foundation for this interior design project emerged immediately for Ann D’Astugues and Sara Tool from The Red Chair Design in Harvey Cedars: the duo’s goal was to focus on the beauty of the natural coastal landscape and oceanfront aspect by choosing a crisp semi-neutral palette with custom furnishings, lighting, and window treatments that complement the view instead of competing with it. They wanted to integrate that serene feeling of waves rolling in as part of a comfortable interior atmosphere. Lighting was a key feature in the rooms, like the Niche Stamen Penda

Man Vs Nature

By Chris Gaydos @searchingforamerica Long Beach Island has appeared on maps for several centuries. Early explorers from the 1600s made note of this long barrier island, including two ocean inlets on the north and south ends and an expansive bay leading to the mainland. Although waves, tides, winds, and storms are always affecting and changing the island, its existence has remained relatively unchanged: 18 miles long and 6 miles out to sea. Until the 1800s, there was little interest in the maintenance of LBI’s beaches and inlets; its population was sparse and industry limited to whaling, sporting, and the transport of goods in and out of the bay. This all changed with the development of resor

“A painting finds its own home.”

Written by E.L. Taylor At the end of Surf City is Solace Studio and Gallery, easily identified by the vintage 1970 Jeep Wagoneer parked out front. Inside the gallery, the visitor will find carefully displayed artwork in mixed media and paintings. Franny Andahazy, owner, artist and designer exhibits work by up to ten artists at any given time. Bay Magazine visited Franny at the gallery. “Yellow Cruiser” By Linda Ramsay Bay: Please share your evolution as an artist. Franny: Art has always been a part of my life. In college, I designed sets and majored in technical theater , but later switched to art education. After eight years of teaching, I started Party by Design, the largest event plannin

Outdoor Oasis

| Shower Designs by Elaine Sisko, a designer for Reynolds Landscaping, and Mark Reynolds of Reynolds Landscaping | Photos by Jeffrey Totaro ( Practical, convenient, and low-maintenance—the outdoor shower is an essential component of the beach house and shore experience. Nonetheless, its functions can range from simply a sand removal station to a relaxing spa retreat, depending on the intentions and budget of the homeowner. Mark Reynolds, owner of Reynolds Landscaping, has been a pioneer in the creation of custom-designed yet highly functional outdoor showers on LBI for over 35 years. He offers answers to the following questions for you to consider before moving forward with

Inside Out

This Loveladies residence was originally built in the mid-1990s by renowned local architect, Michael Ryan, for the CEO of Comcast. It truly epitomizes the beauty of indoor/outdoor living on Long Beach Island. Situated on a private lane, this single story home is surprisingly expansive and is hidden amidst stunningly landscaped grounds studded with old growth. Every room boasts strategically placed large windows that maximize their view of the lush surroundings, including pool and deep water lagoon anchorage—all while maintaining the utmost of privacy. The home was purchased by a Manhattan-based real estate developer in early 2014. He and his young family fell in love with this hidden treasur

A Blank Canvas

| Kitchen Designs by Christine Hedley And Kathy Simmons • Designers • Kitchen & BAth with TLC White kitchens are not a trend, but actually remain a timeless choice from their first appearance in the 1920s. The kitchens of today reflect our modern lifestyle in varieties of door styles, appliances, accessories, and lighting. From a raised panel door to high-gloss slab door, the current kitchen styles range from country casual to ultra-modern and everything in between. Why is white the cabinetry color chosen in 90% of the kitchens we design? Is it the beachy feeling invoked by white that allows for pops of nautical blues, reds, and yellows? Is it the fact that white makes a small space feel lar

Dine Al Fresco

|Designed by bay ave plant company Landscape design blends residential use, behavioral characteristics, and quality aesthetics with the environmental factors and constraints that may be present in a site. Design becomes increasingly challenging as dynamics such as sun exposure, prevailing winds, soil characteristics, and overall climate play a role in what will work in specific locations. Not only are these natural conditions present, but constraints in lot size, multi-use properties, parking availability, and respective local ordinances also affect how a design takes its shape. In this region, and on LBI in particular, a master landscape concept plan can include many of the following elemen

The Perfect Pool

Over the last few years, the Jersey shore has really taken a beating from Mother Nature. As a result, David Ash, owner and president of David Ash Jr. Landscaping Contractors, is often asked, “What qualities make the best pool for the shore?” According to David, the installation process is key. On LBI and in the surrounding shore area, the water table is naturally high and the severe weather we sometimes experience can cause it to increase above normal levels. The force ground water exerts on any in-ground structure is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. David explains how this affects pools here at the Jersey Shore. “With the water table being so high here, it is a very delicate situation f

Casual Coastal Interiors

A look inside a seaside home furnished by Oskar Huber A long-time furniture retailer on Long Beach Island, Oskar Huber Furniture & Design knows coastal interiors. Bobby Huber, Jr., the fourth generation of Hubers to own and operate the business, spent many summers enjoying the family beach house. “To us, a beach house is more than just a house,” says Bobby, “It’s really a home away from home, a gathering place for friends and family, and a backdrop for new memories.” Oskar Huber has furnished thousands of coastal home interiors over their 54 years on LBI. Gwendolyn Butler, a skilled interior designer on staff at Oskar Huber, has worked with many clients to help make their houses into homes,

Gardening by the Sea

|photos by Photos John Martinelli ( Planting a garden along the coast can be tricky, but don’t despair. There are ways to combine gardening with the salty, windy conditions we face at the seashor Seashore gardening is all about choosing the right plants, amending the soil, and providing a screen from the wind: Visiting gardens in your neighborhood will help you recognize what thrives in your particular area. Wind is a big concern; it can be deadly on shrubs, so making a screen to protect your garden will certainly reduce the problem. You can add a great number of plants to this list if you follow the advice above. By putting in a little hard work (or lettin

The New Arts and Culture of LBI

By Matt Burton The art landscape of LBI has changed a lot in recent years. What seems to have taken place overnight was actually the result of the hard work of many individuals to raise awareness of the arts and culture of LBI. As a young artist on LBI, I heard stories about the artists and dealers from the 1960s and 70s: Marvin Levitt, Sydney Rothman, and Jane Law to name a few. Even the great conceptual artist Robert Smithson visited LBI in 1969. These were artists, educators, and larger-than-life characters who were part of an amazing period of art on LBI. Having spent my childhood summers in Harvey Cedars, I settled in the area after grad school in 1999 and opened the m.t.burton gallery

Terrapin Heroine

By Teresa hagan What starts out sounding like a bad joke is actually the beginning of one of LBI’s most enduring environmental love stories. A handsome young stranger walks into…a local eatery and asks the pretty waitress, “What do you do around here on a rainy day?” Without missing a beat, the petite 32-year-old blonde replies, “You come back here at one o’clock and take me to lunch.” That lunch turned into a six-hour date that ended with the unlikely romantic question: “Do you like turtles?” So happens, the blonde adored turtles—a good thing because the handsome stranger had 30 at home! The rest, as the cliché goes, is history…the history of saving the terrapins on Long Beach Island. The

The Root of it All

By Angela Andersen, Sustainability Coordinator, Long Beach Township Like a meticulous chef that composes a dish with layers of flavors, textures, and colors, so too does Mother Nature when organically constructing a dune system. Indeed, a dune is a system, not merely a sand pile with plant plugs. (Consider making lasagna with a single layer of pasta, all sauce, and no cheese—it just doesn’t work that way!) The system contains layers of sand, grasses, roots, woody vegetation, gravel, microbes, more roots, and nutrients deep below the surface. At the core of it all are the roots that anchor the system. These roots inject thin hair-like webs with the power and determination of the next “Top Che


Located on the beach in the heart of Beach Haven, The Engleside Inn has one of the most extensive menus on LBI. What started as a coffee shop in the mid-1960s has evolved to offer guests the best in shore cuisine, from traditional dining favorites to a full-service sushi bar that serves LBI’s most decadent specialty rolls and appetizers. The continental menu features a variety of fresh seafood options prepared every way from blackened to Française, as well as chargrilled steaks and chops, prime rib, and pasta. With so many choices and rotating specials like local sea scallop carpaccio, taco shimi of seared ahi, house cured and smoked Scottish salmon, Viking Village swordfish, jumbo lump crab

Healthy Indulgence

This year is all about style and simplicity: everyday hacks for enjoying and maintaining a fit lifestyle. Girlhackz readers can be on the lookout for sweet and savory food trends, new tricks and tips for keeping food prep fun and simple, and the launch of NOSH by Christine Florio, which is making it easier than ever to bring style, sophistication, and fit living together. Christine’s creativity and innovation will reach new levels as she breaks boundaries with the concept of fashion trends meeting food trends. Expect new creations like funky pasta dishes from the spiralizer, building rich, cheesy flavors and creamy textures with nutritional yeast, distinctly flavored sauces with healthy oil


Walk up 14 steps from street level and you’ll find Bistro 14 (, a restaurant offering an extensive oyster and raw bar along with a classic mix of shore food and French cuisine. (No coincidence, the 14 steps were the inspiration for this Beach Haven eatery’s name.) From the west-side windows, patrons—who rave about the gorgeous sunsets—look out over the porch to Barnegat Bay, where some of Bistro 14’s products originate just blocks away. As chef-owner Rich Vaughan puts it, “Pete McCarthy, our clam farmer, you can see his beds from the deck.” Matt Gregg of Forty North Oyster Farm (, one of Bistro’s suppliers, adds a similar perspective: “The oysters are co

Chilled Strawberry-Raspberry Bavarian with Fresh Whipped Cream

Serves 8 Take a break from baked goods with this yummy cool treat that’s easy to make ahead. This recipe is adapted from a Maida Heatter dessert cookbook, originally published in the 1960s, when using frozen syrup-infused berries was more the norm than using fresh. Here we’re suggesting fresh fruit mixed with sugar OR Maida’s way, if you prefer. Ingredients: 6 oz. strawberry gelatin (e.g., Jell-O® brand) 2 c. boiling water 1 c. sour cream 1 pint strawberry ice cream 1 Tbsp. lemon juice 2 c. sliced strawberries, mixed with ¼ cup sugar OR one 10 oz. package halved strawberries in syrup 2 pints raspberries, mixed with 1/3 cup sugar OR two 10 oz. packages whole raspberries in syrup 2 c. heavy cr

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