From Bleak to Chic

A decorative paint boutique that’s also part coffee shop, art gallery and floral market, Artifacts and Company in Beach Haven is like a real-life Pinterest board, brimming with inspiration. And owner Amy Haeberlein, a self-taught artist, floral and garden designer, and entrepreneur, knows just how to make your vision a reality when it comes to refinishing furniture. An artist’s daughter, Haeberlein’s gift for creativity is rooted in her DNA. “My artistic medium is everything!” Haeberlein says. Artifacts and Company originally started as a furniture consignment store, comprised of an eclectic mix of fine art and furnishings, curated by Haeberlein’s talented eye. Inspired to provide her custom

La Dolce Vita

Creating the ultimate “beach house” aesthetic is no easy task. Inspiration for a coastal palette is often drawn from the sand, the sea, the sky. The element of natural light is always an understated, yet central factor of consideration when planning. Couple that with selecting from the plethora of accessories and furniture pieces out in the market today, and your head may begin to spin. Luckily the experts at Oskar Huber Furniture & Design in Ship Bottom are able to help you achieve this season’s hottest trends in Coastal Design with their stress-free guide for how to recreate the top 4 themes in your very own home. By putting a few of these tips into practice, you will feel as if you have t

The Art of Custom Homebuilding

The primary reason that a homeowner chooses to build a custom home is so that they can design to their exact taste, lifestyle and preferences. While some homebuilding contractors offer custom options within homes, many like to repeat what they typically do most. Building an entirely personalized home from the ground up gives homeowners the opportunity to create a dwelling environment that suits their every need and desire, but not all builders are able to deliver such a challenging task. Selecting the right builder, a true custom builder, will provide professional guidance and advice every step of the way, and a knowledgeable staff and craftsman will meet and exceed expectations without undu

How to Live by the Sea

If you have ever set foot inside one of Sandy Gingras’How to Live® shops on Long Beach Island, you immediately become transported into another realm. Visitors are inspired by the blissful world of life on the beach as it should be, full of nature and timelessness where wise, decorative, thought-provoking quotes and smirk-inducing trinkets you-never-knew-you-needed come to life. It has the magical power of making you forget about that urgent email sitting in your mailbox or that important meeting next Tuesday, and you feel inexplicably compelled to slow down, unplug, bask in sunshine and tune in to the therapeutic sounds of the ocean. Kind of like the side effects of actually being on a beach

Ask The Decorator

Thom Sweeney is founder and owner of Thom Sweeney Interiors, an award-winning full-service interior design studio specializing in contract design and residential business. With a well-trained and careful eye for quality, craftsmanship, and statement-making furnishings & textiles, Thom is recognized for his bold and elegant, yet timeless and classic styled designs. Q. What are ways to incorporate elements from the beach, like driftwood or seashells as a part of your home décor, but in a clean, crisp, intentional way? Linda, Surf City A. First of all, driftwood is a great element to use because of its sun-bleached color. Small pieces can be combined with each other and used as sculpture.

All in the Details

When it comes to purchasing appliances, you have two options: You can choose a big box retailer and receive big box service, or you can visit Anchor Appliance in West Creek for a personalized and educational shopping experience. “The independent stores—the mom and pop businesses like us—we’re different because we care, and that’s all we do,” says Anchor Appliance owner Jeremiah Kalm, who prides his staff on customer service, above all. “It’s all in the details: The caring, respect and integrity, combined with the knowledge to walk you through all price points and needs, from basic packages on a tight budget to high-end pieces for a dream kitchen,” Kalm says. Anchor Appliance has been a famil

Wine Glass Redefined

A sleek trend has cropped up in homes new and old alike over the past few years: wine collections, once banished to a dim wine room underground or stashed away in a closet-turned-cellar, are receiving their time in the spotlight. No longer are wine connoisseurs keeping their prized possessions hidden away. Instead, they turn to custom, glass-enclosed wine rooms and let their esteemed collections serve as a beautiful focal point that is equal parts form and function. “People want to see their wine and have easy access to it,” says Tom Basile, owner of Precision Glass in Eatontown, N.J. “They’re moving their collections from the cellar to the main viewing room. Wine is no longer being buried i

Outdoor Entertainment

Photo by Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography Whether you’re lounging by the pool, whipping up a feast on the grill or exchanging stories around the fire pit, entertaining al fresco is second to none on Long Beach Island. Ginny Padula, owner and designer of Town & Country Kitchen and Bath, is the area’s most in-demand interior designer who also happens to have the ability to transform any exterior space into the perfect gathering place for entertaining family and friends. So before you jump into designing and building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, check out these tips from our pro who has perfected her formula for success. “Investing in outdoor spaces has many benefits,” begins Padula. She

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