Renovate or Rebuild

At Under Construction Builders, we often discuss the option between renovating or rebuilding with our clients. The decision to tear down your home and rebuild is a difficult and emotional one, but it may make the most sense both financially and from a practical perspective. Renovating, however, may be the optimal choice if your home has “good bones”, you want to preserve its character or it is filled with fond memories that you would like to safeguard. Renovating Did your children grow up in this home? Has the home been in your family for generations? Does the house have historical integrity that you want to preserve? Renovating an existing home may be more cost effective if the original foo

Dream come True

Choosing to renovate your existing home, purchase a resale or rebuild an entirely new custom structure is not an easy decision to come by. There is no one right answer, as each individual homeowner’s situation is unique. Although the decision of “should I stay or should I go” requires careful consideration, in regions with stronger property values such as those on Long Beach Island, new construction on a buyer’s existing lot is often the wisest choice. “There is a growing LBI-area trend for buyers to purchase older homes with the intention of rebuilding them as new construction,” shares Michael Pagnotta, AIA, and founder/owner of the Ship Bottom-based design/build firm Michael Pagnotta Archi

Next Generation

For many families, taking summer trips down the shore is an annual tradition, making the months between May and September a time for sun, saltwater and sweet memories. For some, shore trips are a relatively new tradition. But for others, spending the summer at the Jersey Shore is a tradition spanning multiple generations, beginning when someone first purchased a summer home that they, their children, and their children’s children, could enjoy for years to come. 105 Indiana Avenue in Long Beach Township is one of those homes. Built in the 1980s, 105 was created as a “spec” home, with no specific resident in mind. It was the first on the block to be built on stilts, standing high above its C

Introducing Hotel LBI

The turn of the 20th century proved to be one of the most prosperous and exciting times on Long Beach Island. After the railroad was finally brought to LBI, this little barrier island turned into one of the most popular up-and-coming resort destinations of the entire tristate area. It was only natural that hotels such as the Hotel Baldwin, Engleside Hotel, Harvey Cedars Hotel, The Breakers, Spray Beach Hotel started popping up everywhere. These magnificent, old grand hotels were a central part of Long Beach Island culture. They were family run, classic seashore historic sites that were resorts, in fact— adding to the romance and charm of an island that drew in so many visitors. While LBI is

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