Extending your Waterside Experience

Written by Tanek Hood Requested by summer renters and beloved by Island homeowners, the swimming pool has become a basic amenity to LBI living, extending the waterside experience all day long. And while it is a priority for most residents, it’s also a serious financial investment that requires proper planning and fastidious design in order to maximize enjoyment and expectations. Mark Reynolds, owner of Reynolds Landscaping, has been involved in the design and installation of swimming pools for over 35 years. He recommends considering your answers to the following questions before moving forward with your pool project. Photo By Eric Hance Given our proximity to the ocean and bay, why would an

Ahead of the Game

Written by Lisa Simek Predominantly recognized for its use on athletic fields and sports facilities, artificial grass has been revealing its benefits for decades. Not only does artificial grass reduce maintenance costs and increase the frequency of games held on a particular field, but it also enhances the look of professional, college, and recreationally used fields everywhere with minimal upkeep. Even so the advantages of artificial grass do not have to end with a big game— the possibilities are limitless as its use is a wise choice for applications big and small. Adding Space and Value Artificial grass is a smart option for those who want to increase the usable space of any sized property

Outdoor Style

Written by JenniferBegonia with Ann D’Astugues of The Red Chair Photos by Dianne Ahto Graphicus 14 Here at the shore, outdoor spaces like backyards and decks offer a primary or secondary option for enjoying coastal sun and breezes—an easy alternative to time on the beach. Making the most of a home’s outdoor space creates an exceptional experience for family and friends, and can extend the usable area of a summer home by thousands of square feet. When creating outdoor spaces—after setting a standard with a home’s interior design—it’s important to develop a look that complements and flows together for the best result. This was the goal described by Ann D’Astugues of The Red Chair for her effor


Written by Tom London Frameless Shower Enclosures…Quality Makes All The Difference Purchasing a frameless shower enclosure is often the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation. For that reason, it is important to understand the differences among the many products on the market today. Tom Basile of Precision Shower Door, an industry veteran with more than 35 years’ experience, offers advice and great tips to help you be an educated consumer. It seems everyone is selling frameless shower enclosures. Are they basically all the same? Great question. The simple answer is no, frameless shower enclosures are not all the same. In fact, there is a great disparity between products. Education is t

Appliance Trends

Written by Lisa Simek French door wall ovens indistinguishable from one’s cabinetry, Wi-Fi-synched refrigerators that order take-out, and brushed slate finishing resembling natural stone are just some of the latest trends of the appliance world. Whether remodeling a kitchen or taking on the feat of new construction, these devices are the finishing touches that can make or break the decorative ambiance of a space. Since finding the right appliances that harmonize with both one’s lifestyle and décor may be an overwhelming task, we’ve enlisted the guidance of appliance expert Butch Dieckman, owner of Anchor Appliance, to help identify the top trends, innovative features, and the tried and true

The Dunes

Written by Emily Warne Photography by Dave Niziolec The luxury construction business is booming on Long Beach Island, but the latest high-end addition to bayfront real-estate goes above-and-beyond as the epitome of an entertainer’s dream shore home. From a stunning kitchen valued at over $400,000 to 16 rooms designed by a premier interior designer, every detail of the 10,000 square foot home, located in The Dunes section of Long Beach Township, lends itself to building a lifetime of memories on LBI. Family members and guests who visit the property are blown away by the entrance to the great room, where sweeping, 25 foot floor-to-ceiling windows frame an unobstructed view of Little Egg Harbor

Light Air and the Surrounding

Written by Mike Irvine If you have a home near the shore, you are part of a unique crowd. You can find some of nature’s most glorious displays literally in your backyard: sunrises that explode with color, coastal storms that take your breath away, and crisp blue skies that kiss the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you live at the shore year-round, or enjoy summers here, you’re fortunate to have a home surrounded by such majestic beauty, and naturally you’ll want to make the most of those priceless views. That’s why it’s important to choose the right windows and patio doors for your shore home. Windows are one of the few elements seen from the inside and outside of your home, and with that

The Basics

Written By Daphne Keller Thomas J Keller Building Contractor LLC. In the excitement of deciding to move ahead and build a new home on Long Beach Island, many quickly learn that there are a lot of moving parts to consider. Whom do you choose that will be an experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted partner through the process? Those who have built new before, whether a primary or vacation home, are typically more equipped with how to go about it, having learned from a previous experience. Most likely, if it was a good experience, they will already know with whom they want to partner because they’ve listened, observed, and researched along the way—perhaps over years—thus approaching the project

Architectural Intelligence

Written by Lisa Simek Long Beach Island is often regarded as a sanctuary from the modern day’s hustle and bustle; upon setting foot on the island, beachgoers generally enjoy slowing their pace, unwinding, and even unplugging. While giving gadgets the cold shoulder encourages most people to sit back and relax, embracing the right technology during a construction project helps keep homeowners in the driver’s seat of the design and building process. As local architect Michael Pagnotta, founder of Ship Bottom’s Michael Pagnotta Architecture & Construction, shares, “Many new technologies deal with improving communication and streamlining processes, and we look to the new technologies for these ve

Smart Phones to Smart Homes

Written by Halley Feaster When smart home technology first developed, it was considered something extra; something “over the top.” Today, everything in life is starting to be “smart”—smart TVs, smart phones, smart tablets—and “wireless”—WiFi, access points -- and we’re all enjoying the versatility, connectivity, and convenience. Smart home technology now serves a real and present purpose for our everyday lives, not only for comfort and convenience, but for safety and security as well. Plus, Smart Home Tech is the perfect way for homeowners to keep tabs on, and even control, their second, third, and fourth homes from any place in the world they are. For many, Long Beach Island is a second hom

Design and the VR Experience

Written by Michael Ryan Photos by Keefer Bickel and Daniel Peurifoy There are two places that we inhabit as architects and designers. The Inside Place: our personal vision of a project; and an Outside Place: our attempts to communicate this vision during the process of creating a house. The vision that inhabits our Inside Place is not a fixed thing. It is persistently changing as a project develops, and is therefore much like a hunt. This is perhaps best described in the words of the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza when talking about the building of a house: “The project constantly moves away from the architect. It is vital not to lose it. The design tracks it down.” The Outside Place is th

Generations at Builders General

This is an epic story of triumph, trial, and love. A tale of beginning a new life in a new country, founded with integrity, based on a deep love of family, community, and country. In the late 1800s, like nearly nine million others from Europe and Asia, Shaheen A. Shaheen (known as Assi) immigrated to America. He was 16 years old. It was the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, which offered promising opportunities to those strong and brave enough to leave their homelands and families behind. Two years after Shaheen’s arrival and once settled in Cranford, New Jersey, as was the custom, his marriage was arranged and his bride, the daughter of a noble family, joined him in America. Th

Sand Castle, Pyramid, Banal Box

Written by Chris Gaydos Photos By Joel Baldwin Look Magazine 1971 On describing Loveladies in her book “Cottages and Mansions of the Jersey Shore,” Caroline Seebohm writes, “In 1962 it was flooded in an overwhelming storm that destroyed most of the houses leaving a wasteland, or rather in the eyes of architects and developers, a tabula rasa on which they might construct their new and contemporary visions. “ Modern homes are not an uncommon site on Long Beach Island. Architects have long been inspired and challenged by the island’s natural beauty. Seasonal nor’easters and the great storms of 1944 and 1962 contributed to maintaining the unblemished nature of the beaches and bays. It is not su

Capturing the Essence of Long Beach Island

Written by Rebeca Muller Photos by Ryan Johnson Recognized as offering a beautiful, year-round home to locals as well as an attractive summer getaway for tourists, Long Beach Island is the epitome of scenic beauty. Naturally, this is one of the many reasons that local art—specifically photography—is considered a primary focal point for the community. One artist in particular has spent the better part of two decades capturing the island’s grandeur for a living. Whether she is chasing a sunrise or sunset, or preserving a timeless memory, Surf City-based photographer extraordinaire, Ann Coen, has made a name for herself by means of the captivating story-telling she does through still-life frame

When Old becomes New

How can one replace beautifully crafted solid wood furniture that has been a part of one’s family for generations? How does one let go of cherished memories and history? How do you throw out the “junky” little bookcase you found on some curb during your college years that’s a treasured memento of your late night study sessions? No need to replace, let go, or throw out—right in Beach Haven, a couple of streets south of the landmark Ferris wheel, is a corner building that houses the solution to your furniture challenges: Artifacts and Company. Artifacts and Company is owned by artist and businesswoman Amy Haeberlein, the daughter of another accomplished artist, and also a life-long resident of

Kitchen: a room where food is prepared and cooked and family gathers

Written by Emily Warne Kitchen Designer Christine Hedley TLC Kitchen and Bath There are no shortage of reasons why LBI dwellers may be considering kitchen renovation—maybe your space is too small for family gatherings, or the appliances a little too outdated for the elaborate beach feasts you’re dreaming up. Regardless of your motivation, once you’ve decided to invest in a designer kitchen that works well and looks great, you may be excited but not exactly ready! Here are a couple of steps to consider before taking the plunge. You have decided to move forward and have a designer kitchen. One that works well and looks great. You’re all excited so now what, what steps do you consider? First,

From Concept to Completion: Curb Appeal

photos by Jay Rosenblatt First impressions are everything. And when it comes to your home, one of the first things you and your guests will see is your landscape. Here are the top five ways you can make a great first impression by adding curb appeal to your home with your landscape. Seasonal Color When we asked the team at Bay Ave Plant Company what their number one recommendation would be for adding curb appeal, the answer was simple: color! Due to the variety of colors and textures, seasonal annuals can help bring life to any landscape. Large blocks of color with spring pansies, summer geraniums, and fall mums will add tremendous interest. Try mixing regional annuals with tropical elements


In real estate the three most important words may very well be, “location, location, location, ” but when it comes to transforming an outdoor living space, think, “layout, layout, layout.” While the inside of one’s home is limited to the confinement of structural walls, the outside allows significantly more spatial flexibility. Considering a floor plan other than what has always been out on the deck or patio may be difficult to envision, and this is precisely why enlisting the help of a professional designer will maximize space in ways unimaginable. The design experts at Oskar Huber meld a 90 year tradition with modern style and state-of-the-art room planning software to bring homeowners a u

Enhance Seashore Living - Outdoor Kitchens

Photos by Sheen Lynn Harper Written by Adam Binder Outdoor living is at the heart of life at the Jersey Shore. Those who embrace the seashore lifestyle enjoy spending all the time they can outside. Homes here on LBI and in many other shore towns have outdoor living spaces that can maximize that time. So why be stuck inside cooking meals for the family or food for entertaining? Upgrading your outdoor living space to include a kitchen can help you make the most of seashore living. The pleasure of outdoor entertaining can be somewhat diminished for those hosting a party or gathering. If you’re constantly in and out of the house for food, drinks, and utensils from the kitchen, you end up missing

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