The Designers "Between the Sheets"

Local LBI Boutique Meets High Demand for Their Interior Design Services Although the practice of interior design harkens back to the days of ancient Egyptians, it’s hard to believe that the actual profession of interior design is just over 100 years old. What began as the art of decorating, embracing form and function, has evolved leaps and bounds into the present-day’s artform of interior design. For Between the Sheets, a local interior design boutique specializing in the niche of luxury linens, a new season marks an important milestone in their nearly three-decade existence on the island: a fresh façade, debuting the exciting 2020 linen collections, and—due to popular demand—the expansion

Interior Design Movement

The Spotted Whale Takes to the Surf and Rolls Out Interior Design Services Spring 2020 is the official debut of a new season—and decade! —on Long Beach Island, and our 18-mile enclave is sure to host a fresh wave of residents and vacationers alike, all flocking to escape the hustle and bustle of real-life back home and equally in need of an island retreat. For those visiting or staying, there’s nothing better than picking up a few seafaring accoutrements (or redecorating your entire beach house with them) to yield that sort of beautiful design aesthetic that just screams relaxation. But when faced with the questions of Where to go? Who to ask? the answer is clear: The Spotted Whale has made

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