Boulevard Beauty

Written by Jaime Lee Photos by Michael Spark Media & Photography Long Beach Island is not only a vacationer’s paradise, but it is simultaneously becoming the ideal destination for empty nesters. For the Heals, LBI is exactly where they decided to build their dream home on the lagoon. Natives of Staten Island, Helen and her husband Jim, a retired Battalion Chief who dedicated 31 years of service in the FDNY, set their hopes on downsizing and finally enjoying a relaxing retirement in a serene home near the water. On the advice of an old friend who raved about his great experience working with Thomas J Keller Building Contractor, a local builder based out of Surf City, the Heals were convinced

The Perfect Hair Stylist

Written by Diana Lentini After the first dance is over and the cake has been cut, the details of a wedding day are captured in photos and video, joyous moments for the happy couple to reminisce on for anniversaries to come. On a heavily-photographed day where brides want to look and feel their best, it’s no wonder that hours are spent searching for the perfect hair stylist to help create their dream look. Brittany Romano, owner of Lavish Salon in Beach Haven for over a decade, shares her top advice for shore brides looking for the perfect ‘do on their big day. Be true to you When consulting with brides, the first question Romano asks is: How do you normally wear your hair? “For brides who ha

Viking Village

Behind Long Beach Island’s Oldest and Largest Commercial Fishing Company Written by Lisa Simek Photos by Britton Spark Vikings. Most often stereotyped in Hollywood as horned helmet-wearing, lawless, bloodthirsty barbarians—the Vikings have been greatly misunderstood. Sure, some of them may have racked up a brawny reputation as ruthless conquerors of the seas, but the traits that a vast majority of Vikings actually had were that of an outstanding skill in craftsmanship—especially ship making— seafaring, exploring and settling of the West (many historians believe that Vikings actually discovered America before Christopher Columbus was even born). In fact, most Vikings weren’t really all brutal

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